hey guyz, i made a blog!
July 16, 2007

hey guys, i thought id post about my fav albums too bcuz u guys have gr8 taste lmao!

dragonforce - sonic firestorm

these guys r way cool, lots of metals just chainsaws lol but dragonforce is lik classical music almost the guy plays guitars like yngwie malsteen nad is really good! its not just satan either, the fantasy lyrics make it good happy metal :)

linkin park - meteora

theyre cool becuz like every1 can relate to what they are singing, which is why theyre platinum, the lyrics are just so sad :( its good breakup music

blonde redhead - 23

these guys kind of make me think of that band sonic youth, but im liek the only guy who likes them! LOL! they are japanese which si cool, i feel diverse listening to them, and like a really cool guy for knowing about a band like this

opeth - blackwater park

WOW! when i was talking about dragonforce i said metal was just chainsaws, but not opeth, opeth put in acoustic guitars so their music is art. even the death metal parts just work in a way that no other death metal ever does! fuck death metal, but go opeth :)

green day - american idito

american idoit is a gr8 album bcuz of the social commntary and stuff, it makes u think but isnt rly weird n angry liek old punk shit that ppl prolly make in their garages LOL!

red hot chili peppers - blood sugar sex magik

lol these guys sold out but this is cool! jk :P but their new songs just rnt as good 2 listn 2, theyre on the radio ew

Genj Genj - July 17, 2007 (08:33 AM)
Nice spoof, booberry, but Blonde Redhead doesn't sound like Sonic Youth.

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