About Me:

Sorry, but I haven't yet shared the information about myself that would typically display here. Check back later to see if that changes, or if I instead choose to remain an enigma.

Game Walkthroughs
September 03, 2007

The first one I wrote was for Fable: The Lost Chapters. It was just something I tried for fun. I never thought I would like to do it so much. I haven't written anything since then, but I'm going to start writing Walkthroughs on newer games that come out. The first one I plan for is Zelda: Phantom Hourglass.

I've also started getting into writing reviews. I guess I hope to become a better writer or something, so I've decided to write as much as I can. Hopefully I'll be a wonderfully famous writer in a few years.

Also, I have no idea who made the "Current Mood" settings, but I'm astounded they have "Tasty" but not "Tired". I guess you could argue that "Tired" isn't a mood, but I shall counter with the same for "Tasty".


Updates for Fable: TLC Guide
March 08, 2007

The guide is in need of being finished soon, so I have been updating recently. I will have the guide in its complete and Final version by the summer time.

I will need to do another play through, so it will take some time. But after that, everything should be finished!

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