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mariner Welcome to my blog. I'm sort of new to this whole blogging thing, so I haven't figured out how to update my custom greeting. That, or I am just lazy and don't really care. Either way, you're stuck looking at this stupid message and you know what? I don't care! That's right: I don't care! Otherwise, I'd obviously edit this out. But, uh... yeah. I didn't. Or did I?

Title: Twilight Princess: Second Impressions
Posted: January 02, 2007 (03:12 PM)
Yeah, here's more, not that anyone's interested...

13.5 hours in (for those that care, that would put me halfway through the third dungeon (huh, almost called it labyrinth there, which they are DEFINITELY not. Not a good sign, if I'm already getting negative comparisons to the original and still the most awesome Zelda game...), which happens to be the water temple for those who care even more). And my opinions are still mixed. Not too surprising, really. Considering the feelings are mixed and not completely negative (like Wind Waker and practically every feeling about how Nintendo's taking Zelda these days), I guess that's a good sign.

For one, the game has significantly opened up since my last post (~6 hours in), which probably explains why I made so little progress in that time. As I predicted, I now have bombs (and more importantly, bomb arrows!) which helps a lot. Finding the first real city with actual stuff in it helped a lot too, even if it too seems to pale in comparison to the magnificent Clock Town. Then again, due to the nature of Majora's Mask, I doubt we'll ever reach that peak again. Still, I've found areas that require me to go back again to complete certain tasks or reach new areas. I've found more people to actually talk to. I've actually found pieces of heart. In other words, I've been playing a Zelda game. Yay!

I've also realized (after the lengthy Zora's Domain segment) that I'm not too fond of playing as a wolf. I knew I wasn't going to like going after all the bugs again, and to find them spread out all over the place was a bit of a chore (a boring chore at that). At least the last one and the ones you had to catch in flight were semi-neat, but still. I'm glad that's over with. Hopefully I'm not forced to turn into a wolf anymore. It's kinda fun in short doses, and wolf mode does have some neat moves, but it just ain't worth it for long stretches of time.

I am liking the Water Temple so far. Much better, design wise, than the Fire Temple. It's large and frustrating, but in a good way. And with that central room and all the water flowing everywhere, it's much more interestingly designed than the first two. Now if I can just figure out how to get that second wheel moving...

I want to go kill some poes now. It's a bit annoying that you can only attack them as a wolf (or at least that's what it seems like); I need to remember where they all are! Hopefully the rewards are worthwhile. I've been itching for a good skulltula style quest; let's see if this one holds up.

And when do I get to turn into a wolf at will? I figure it's got to happen at some point, due to the poes and the howling stones. After I get the Master Sword? Which should be almost immediately after this Zora Temple. And if that's so, these games are getting far too predictable. It's bad enough we're doing forest-fire-water yet again...

honestgamerUser: honestgamer
Posted: January 02, 2007 (03:47 PM)
The element-themed temples make sense and are fun. I would hesitate to ask that they go away just for the sake of making everything totally fresh. Sometimes all I want from a Zelda game is the sort of fun I had before, but with new puzzles and graphics and such. Twilight Princess sounds awesome. I'll play it soon, I hope.

GenjUser: Genj
Posted: January 02, 2007 (07:19 PM)
Yeah, I'm 30+ hours into Twilight Princess . . . . I like it a lot. I'd say more but I wouldn't want to ruin anything, but I will say I still can't decide whether it or Final Fantasy XII is the game of the year.

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