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mariner Welcome to my blog. I'm sort of new to this whole blogging thing, so I haven't figured out how to update my custom greeting. That, or I am just lazy and don't really care. Either way, you're stuck looking at this stupid message and you know what? I don't care! That's right: I don't care! Otherwise, I'd obviously edit this out. But, uh... yeah. I didn't. Or did I?

Title: Metroid Zero Mission
Posted: January 19, 2006 (05:45 PM)
I just finished Metroid Zero Mission not too long ago. Took me nearly two weeks, and yet the timer only said I played 4 hours; shows how much I play games these days... Anywho, it was pretty cool I thought. Sure, I don't think it's as good as Super Metroid, but it's certainly leagues ahead of the original. It was just a good game, not great. Considering I expected to either be blown away or bitterly disappointed, it was a pleasant surprise to find that it was just, well, pleasant. Quite fun. I'll have to review it at some point, but first I need to figure out exactly why it's not as good as Super Metroid or Prime (well, besides one or two obvious points). I have my suspicions, but I'll need to go back and play both Super Metroid and this game again to be sure. And heck, better play Prime and Castlevania: SotN too just to make sure. OK, so maybe that's just an excuse to play those two games again...

However, I do know what's NOT the problem. Practically every negative review I read of this game complains that it's too short and too easy. Huh? Have these people EVER played Super Metroid? Can you seriously say this game's easier than that which all Metroid games are compared to? And while I MIGHT be willing too see how the shortness is a problem, did they ever play the original? Seriously people, Super Metroid was short and easy. Metroid Prime (by current standards at least) was short and easy. CV:SOTN was short and easy. It's a defining point of the genre. Deal with it.

And now that I've finally played a GBA game with this thing, I can officially say that

is the most awesomely awesome idea ever. Oh sure, I already knew that from playing Sonic Mega Collection and Soul Calibur II, but this just confirms it yet again. If Nintendo doesn't let me use this controller for NES and SNES games on the Revolution, I'm going to be pissed.

bluberryUser: bluberry
Posted: January 20, 2006 (11:36 AM)
MZM is really short. Super Metroid took me 7 or 8 hours to beat my first time through, not that long but not that short--I also didn't bother to look for many secrets. I actually bothered to explore every nook and cranny of MZM I could and my final game timer was below four hours. Weak.

It wasn't that easy, though. Certainly no easier than other similar games like SM or especially SotN. I like to pretend the original Metroid doesn't exist any more.

Edit: SotN... short? That takes a good fifteen hours or so if you want to thrash the second castle as well, and there are lots of cool secrets to find. If anything that game was pretty long!

magicjugglerUser: magicjuggler
Posted: May 13, 2006 (02:49 PM)
Once your stats go up, SoTN becomes a cakewalk. Luckily, the Nintendo will have ports for Gamecube controllers so you don't have to spend MORE money on shells.

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