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mariner Welcome to my blog. I'm sort of new to this whole blogging thing, so I haven't figured out how to update my custom greeting. That, or I am just lazy and don't really care. Either way, you're stuck looking at this stupid message and you know what? I don't care! That's right: I don't care! Otherwise, I'd obviously edit this out. But, uh... yeah. I didn't. Or did I?

Title: Prince of Persia: Metroid Edition
Posted: December 20, 2007 (04:02 PM)
I've only played PoP: Sands of Time, but for those that have played the other two games, does anyone know if they're more, y'know, nonlinear? Maybe a big overworld like Metroid or Zelda or something? Because as cool as all the environmental puzzles are in this game (and don't get me wrong, they are very cool), the one-dimensional aspect kinda kills all the excitement. Gee, how do I get out of here? I wonder if I should follow that line of flagpoles? It's not like there's any other possible way to go.

Still a pretty neat game though.

Speaking of which, as surprising as this may sound, expect a review on the game soon. And by soon, I mean next year. But still, a new review by me! That hasn't happened in ages!

GenjUser: Genj
Posted: December 20, 2007 (04:22 PM)
Warrior Within is a bit less linear in a way that you can choose where you want to go next/wander aimlessly to the next area. Or it may have just been the illusion of choice since I haven't played the game in some 3 years.

Two Thrones I just played though, so I can safely say that it's linear just like the original (though the health upgrades locations aren't as obvious as Sands).

Felix_ArabiaUser: Felix_Arabia
Posted: December 20, 2007 (04:29 PM)
Mario and Wario wasn't a new review?

SuskieUser: Suskie
Posted: December 20, 2007 (09:09 PM)
Do yourself a favor: Skip Warrior Within altogether and head straight for The Two Thrones as soon as you're done.

sashananUser: sashanan
Posted: December 20, 2007 (11:50 PM)
Warrior Within is mostly illusion of choice. In the midgame there are two sections of which you can choose which one to tackle first, but for the most part, the returning to the central hub and then on to the next area is strictly linear, and the only wandering you can do is getting lost while trying to figure out where to go next. Compared to that, the strictly linear from-one-room-to-the-next style of Sands of Time works better, and that's what the Two Thrones returns to as well.

marinerUser: mariner
Posted: December 21, 2007 (03:48 PM)
Felix, M&W was one I wrote for GameFAQs awhile ago. I just felt guilty about coming out of retirement conveniently at the same time the Wii contest was going done, and figured I ought to contibute something of note.

Thanks for the comments folks. I'm not in any particular hurry to play a new PoP game, but I figured I'd see in case one of them was totally awesome. I may pick up one if they're dirt cheap sometime in the future, depending on when I ever get around to getting a Wii...

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