July 20, 2006

I purchased a brand new DS Lite recently, along with New Super Mario Bros. I completed it (with every star coin spent) a week ago or so, and my main impression of the game is that it's good, but WAY too easy. They made green mushrooms too easy to get: green mushroom houses, giant mushroom bonus, red coins bonus, and others. The new power-up scheme (getting the flower as Mario turns you into Fire Mario; being hit as Fire Mario degrades him into Super Mario) didn't help, either.

I also managed to find all the alternative routes and star coins (except one) without consulting guides, which is either: a) good, since I could only find half of the secret routes in SMW, and I'm getting better at discovering them; or b) bad, since I could only find half of the secret routes in SMW, and they made them easier to find on purpose.

Anyway, it's a good game. I would probably give it a 8/10 if I were to review it. But I won't.


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