What the crap? Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!
December 15, 2007

Sex sells...or so that's an old mantra. Bleh. By now you've probably heard of the Wii Topless vids, aka a pointless waste of time.

The link is NSFW, so I'm not posting it here but in a subsequent post, for sakes of keeping prying eyes away but seriously, the Wii is little more than a smoke and mirrors campaign. Link Crossbow Training?!?! What the crap?

That said, I'm enjoying my 360 so far...probably going to pick up Assassin's Creed sooner or later, or start fooling around with XNA. Assault Heroes looks promising too, might download it.

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magicjuggler magicjuggler - December 15, 2007 (05:29 PM)

Like I said, NSFW.
joseph_valencia joseph_valencia - December 15, 2007 (09:20 PM)
Bah. They're obviously trying to ape the Ron Paul Girl.

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