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Starting tonight, people will die. I'm a man of my word.

Posted: October 10, 2006 (12:43 PM)
Yes, that's right, the Fanfiction Editor is going to talk about FANFICTION. The wonders never cease.

I looked in the fanfiction section, and what did I see? Amazing work from Silverishness.

It’s funny, and it’s Drakengard. Read!

Shadowrun goodness, courtesy of EmP.

Good, yet good for you.

Even a fanfiction (sort of) courtesy of Sho. FRICKIN’ SHO!

Actually, I think this one appeared in his blog at some point, and it’s probably been around long before that. Still. Read.

Good stuff. But low on the hits. This saddens me, because, well, it IS my own damn fault. I’m supposed to be drawing potential fanfiction writers, and I’m supposed to be writing fanfiction myself. So, time to take steps.

First off, I’m going to get back into the swing of recruitment. While the responses I get from emails are sporadic, I’ve drawn some exceptional talent with the method (looking at you, Silver. ^_^) Getting people to post their fanfiction isn’t the hard part, it’s getting them to stick around which poses a challenge.

So, on that front, I think I might try to get a ‘Fanfiction of the Month’ thing going on. Dig it: At the end of every month, I do a similar deal to the Review of the Week. Post the top three, give some critique, and the #1 fanfiction gets the honor of prominent display for an entire month (though, where we would hang such a title, I can’t quite think. Never was much good with design) I also want to see if we can get some front page exposure for fanfictions, one the section starts to get heated up. EmP made the suggestion a while back, and it’s a valid one; reviews and FAQs get the front page treatment (in differing proportions) so why hold back the fanfics?

Second off, I need to start posting some of my own work, and I’m not talking about snippy character interviews. I’ve got a pretty sweat Punisher vs. Predator fanfic in the works, first chapter’s almost done. The prologue Soul Caliber III fanfic, Ties That Break, is coming along well, too. Just a matter of getting the character voice down…I can tackle it. As a matter of fact, after I review Superman Returns I think I’m going to draw back on my review writing and focus more on writing fanfiction.

Hot times ahead.


GenjUser: Genj
Posted: October 10, 2006 (11:07 PM)
Does the SC3 one talk about Ivy's boobs? I think they're too big and therefore not hawt.

silverishnessUser: silverishness
Posted: October 12, 2006 (07:36 AM)
It makes me happy that you put up "What the Hell?" Of course, that entire fic just makes me happy, so...

Alas, I am one of your recruits. :o

You know, there's this girl sitting across the way who keeps looking at me... o.0 I'm a little freaked out.

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