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Starting tonight, people will die. I'm a man of my word.

Title: Indigo Prophecy / Fahrenheit Plot Talk
Posted: August 07, 2006 (07:14 AM)
Okay, I finished Indigo Prophecy, and even wrote an intro for a future review last night (though just the intro. Bad Boys will be my next one) There were a lot of things I liked, but a handful of things I didn't like, as far as the plot's concerned (gameplay's another matter I won't get into) Some stuff I want to talk about, though, and since I can't talk about certain things in a review...spoilers...I'll just talk about them here.








Seriously, spoilers. It's a little silly to repeat that, but if comic boards have taught me anything, there's always ONE idiot who looks and says you didn't warn him. Always one.




First off, the whole NTSC sensor thing...there are some silly moments, like Tyler taking a bath with his underwear on, but if the extent of what I'm missing are two nipples in that scene where Carla and Kane have sex...which I did not want to see anyway...I think I'll live.

If memory serves, Janus referred to IP as a Matrix ripoff at points, and I don't think you can deny it is. Still, keep in mind that, while the below are criticisms, I did largely like the storyline. If I don't mention some aspect below, chances are I liked it.

-The bullet-time thing is obvious, but I won't fault IP for that; it's becoming more of a movie staple than a cliche these days.

-The whole 'Chosen One' thing that comes in near the end. After Kane dies, he seriously starts to remind of Neo. Just the way he talks, the way he carries himself.

-I kinda liked the battle between Kane and the Oracle, but did they REALLY need to fly and remind me of the Matrix: Revolutions? Couldn't have a nice fight on the ground...

-The AI thing...out of the blue, so unneeded and the Agatha thing reminds me of Smith.

IP also reminds me VERY much of a movie called the Golden Child that starred Eddie Murphy. Kid who holds the secret to the world. Demon people trying to get her. Chosen One stopping them.

I like Carla, really do, but I think she's way underused. She's shown to have all this fighting ability and in the sparring scene, but we never get to see her actually kick some ass. We only see her freaking out in the basement or in the nuthouse, both of which were extremely trying scenes, gameplay wise.

The basketball scene was SO silly. It's like -10 degrees outside, and Tyler's playing basketball in a jersey.

-Not sure what's up with the spiders. Still trying to figure that one out, might just be a path I missed.

Huh...probably some other stuff, but that's what comes to mind.

EmPUser: EmP
Posted: August 07, 2006 (09:24 AM)
You forgot the awful stealth sections. But I loved the clastraphobic bits so maybe you dug the stealth.

*slight spoilers, yo.*

*You've been warned, dawg.*

The NTSC missed a bit more than seeing Carla all nekkid; you missed Kane's sex scene with his ex (it was interactive!) and Kane's poor brother was made more holy and nice to help appease the more 'dedicated' religious feelings that our over-the-pond chums hold. There was also a little extra scene that the NTSC version didn't have of Tyler's girl doing a striptease which ended in a brief full-frontal flash. You didn't miss much, really; it was just PG'd up for a more disconcerning audience.

Feel free to bounce any review ideas off me if you need to.

lastheroUser: lasthero
Posted: August 07, 2006 (09:31 AM)
I didn't like the stealth scenes, really, but I found them rather easy and didn't have much trouble compared to the incredibly frustrating claustrophobia sequences which I did like...twenty times. >_<

But, anyway, the above was mostly for gameplay elements that I couldn't talk about in a review. There are gameplay elements that I found lacking, though, and I'll be sure to take up your offer when it comes to putting them down on paper.

Edit: Oh, and I kinda like the way Lucas is all holied up. It makes for a nice contrast with all the arcane things going, I think, and the game never really focuses on it enough for it to be annoying. I like it when people who have religion aren't shown to be mindless drones.


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