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Starting tonight, people will die. I'm a man of my word.

Title: Two movie opinions
Posted: July 15, 2006 (03:51 PM)
Movie Opinion #1

You know, Seven is an awesome movie. Best serial killer flick I've seen since Silence of the Lambs.

It makes Brad Pitt look cool. Of course, Morgan Freedman makes everyone look cool. He's that awesome.

Movie Opinion #2

You know that new CGI movie coming out, the one with the barn animals? That's going to suck ass. Outside of Pixar, nobody really does CGI that well. Shrek 1 is average, Shrek 2 is sub-par, Madagascar is just stupid, as are most things involving Chris Rock.

Just saying.

GenjUser: Genj
Posted: July 15, 2006 (05:23 PM)
What movie with barn animals?! The CG movies I know of are the one about the kid that's turned to an ant and the one about the evil house. Please don't tell me there's a third one now!

Movie Opinion #3 - I was disappointed to find out my local theatre wasn't showing Little Man, but not very much because I was there to see Pirates 2, which is the best movie I've seen since . . . ummm . . . Garden State? Pulp Fiction? . . . But still!

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