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Starting tonight, people will die. I'm a man of my word.

Title: Reviews and stuff.
Posted: March 03, 2006 (11:03 AM)
Devil May Cry 3: Special Edition

Came off pretty nicely, I thought. Wanted to get in the badassness of DMC3 without treading over old territory to much and managing to get in all the new features, and I think I accomplished that. Thought it went well.

Shaq Fu

Because no site is complete without a Shaq Fu review. It's written somewhere. Besides, I liked writing this one. No real complaints.

WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2006

I like wrestling, but I realized many think it's dumb and don't care, so I was hesitant to do this one at first. Then I realized that every single thing I do doesn't have to be modeled after what everyone else likes and doesn't like, so I stopped giving a shit and wrote the damn thing.

Smackdown vs. Raw 2006
From Russia With Love
Megamam X: Command Mission (PS2)
Seperation Anxiety (SNES)
Shaq Fu (SNES)
Grandia III (PS2-Release date depending on certain factors)
Grandia (PS)(Completed, but pending)
Wild Arms 4 (PS2-Probably save this one for Spring Break)
F-Zero X (N64) (Completed, but pending)
Pokemon XD (GC)
Xenosaga (PS2) (Completed, but pending)
Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance (GC) (Completed, but pending)
Phantasy Star Collection (GBA) (It's a good cure for my insomnia)

Keep in mind that in all likelihood I'll review a game that isn't on this list just because I feel like it. Also keep in mind that my next review is going to be number 50, so I feel some sort of odd...obligation to make it rock. I dunno. I'm kind of in a mood where I feel like writing, but I haven't been overly pleased with anything I've written lately. Meh.

fighter86User: fighter86
Posted: March 04, 2006 (11:09 PM)
You know, I like this place, it's like a heated cave, the red and black.

lastheroUser: lasthero
Posted: March 06, 2006 (08:48 AM)
Oh, thanks. Yeah, I like the setup quite nicely, myself.

I need to get around to changing the link font, though; it's makes the links invisible if the glare is too bad.

asherdeusUser: asherdeus
Posted: March 09, 2006 (09:23 AM)
You should get on a Grandia III review.

lastheroUser: lasthero
Posted: March 09, 2006 (09:57 AM)
I have to buy it first. <_< Money's a bit tight.

I should be able to get it within the week, though.

asherdeusUser: asherdeus
Posted: March 10, 2006 (09:53 AM)
Sweet. I look forward to it. I might pick it up this week myself. Grandia II was the shit.

As for wrestling, I watched it until about a month ago when I got tired of it, so don't be ashamed.

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