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Sorry, but I haven't yet shared the information about myself that would typically display here. Check back later to see if that changes, or if I instead choose to remain an enigma.

Hijacked by Game Demo Software
July 18, 2009

I just had my computer hijacked by a Battlestations Pacific demo. I downloaded the demo to see if I would like the game. I didn't like it all that much so after about ten minutes of playing I decided to stop playing. I exited and the game went into a cinematic ad, where it played about 30 seconds of game footage with various messages on the screen about the game. At first I didn't know what was going on, when I figured it out I decided to esc out. But guess what? I couldn't get out of it. The company hijacked my computer for their additional sales pitch and then did not let me esc out of the cinematic. I was already not that interested in their game, but now I definitely will not buy it. I realize that a demo is essentially an ad for the game, but isn't that enough? What genius d

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Is 3 out of 6 bad?
July 12, 2009

It appears I'm batting 50% with my first 6 submissions. That's a whale of a batting average, but otherwise a failing grade almost anywhere else. Although I suppose a PGA golfer would be ecstatic to win 3 of 6 tournaments. For those of you who are thinking of submitting read carefully the fine print and purpose of this site. There are high standards, and although I must admit to being a bit miffed at "rejection", it's a very good thing those standards are upheld. I had to remind myself that one of the reasons I started coming here were those very same standrds. Time to roll up the sleeves and work on the writing. Enough of that, on to another bit of advice.

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(Untitled Post)
July 12, 2009

Some notes on how I review the games and where I'm coming from. First off, I am not 12, or 20, or even 30. I've been playing video games since 1978 when my dad brought home a Commodore Pet and I started shooting white pixels on a black background. I've owned a 486DX, a Pentium 3 an alienware 3.0 single core and have just built a Quad i7 system (my first foray into building a system) which was something of a comedy at first but it worked out in the end. I've owned an N64 and a PS 2, neither of which I used at all (I've found that the PS 2 is good for my kids). I'm almost exclusively a PC gamer. It's not that I don't like the idea of consoles, I just find the execution to be much less than the promise. I like strategy, RPG and wargames but I've tried most everything at one time or another.

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