Julius Mode.
October 14, 2005

The other day I finally got a chance to try out the much anticipated Julius Mode in Dawn of Sorrow. It's actually pretty good. Instead of just plowing through the castle as this one Belmont guy who's capable of clearing the game in under 20 minutes, you are instead given the ability to switch between three characters. The party is actually balanced out pretty well, each specializing in their own fighting style. Alucard is where it's at, but there's also incentives for using the other two team members. Yoko, for example, has awesome magic spells and can regenerate the party's HP with each hit of her rod. (This can be especially helpful when you're far away from a save point and need some HP to get by.) Julius... well, um... well... oh yeah, he can break those ice blocks with his whip!

You don't immediately start off with every character, so you have to "find" the other two. Julius can't get very far by himself because he no longer sports the uber-jump that he had in Aria of Sorrow. Instead, it's been downgraded to an uppercut. As far as I can tell, you can skip over Yoko 'cause her abilities aren't crucial exploration-wise. I'm not sure if Alucard is a neccessity for beating the game, but you at least need him to get 100% map completion.

This special mode is more thought out than it's predecessor, but Julius's sprite still feels like something that was farted out about a week before the game's release. This especially becomes apparant when you play as Alucard and behold his superior motions (which have been watered down just a teeny bit for DoS). They could have just messed around with Richter's sprite from SoTN and had an awesome Julius, but instead they opted for another original (and crappy) creation. It seems that creating half-assed Belmont sprites has now become a tradition at Konami.

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joseph_valencia joseph_valencia - January 09, 2015 (12:05 AM)
Julius Mode in "Dawn of Sorrow" was pretty cool. I think "Aria of Sorrow" holds up better, though.

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