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Monster World Primer
October 28, 2009

"Wonder Boy in Monster Land": The original Japanese arcade game isn't as glitchy as the "English" (har har) bootleg, and the gameplay is a bit more lenient. The SMS version is an acceptable substitute, but the arcade experience has a richer variety of enemies and music.

"Monster World II": Stupidly named "Wonder Boy III: Dragon's Trap" in non-Japanese territories. Introduced "Metroid" elements into the Action/RPG gameplay. Crystal equipment sucks. Tasmanian Sword has a cool cheat. Hades Armor is the best kept secret in the game. Hawk-Man sucks.

"Wonder Boy in Monster World": Fully refines the Metroid/Zelda hybrid gameplay. For my money, this ranks with "Popful Mail" as one of the greatest Action/RPGs ever. The ending bugged for me years, until I found out about...

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Am I alone in thinking Shinobi III had a better soundtrack than...
October 24, 2009

...Revenge of Shinobi? Yuzo Koshiro is great and all, but it seems to me that Shinobi III had a more fleshed out and rich score. Consider that it has 51 minutes of material versus 24 minutes for RoS, which adds up to longer and more fleshed out tracks; consider the way in which some themes recur across multiple tracks, kind of tying the whole experience together; and consider how kick ass the music for Stage 7-1 is. I rest my case.


Pondering FF7
October 24, 2009

1) Shinra, a "corporation", brazenly murders thousands of people via the Midgar plate drop. That night must have been hell for their PR department.

2) If there is evidence of a world government in Final Fantasy VII, I've never spotted it in all my playthroughs of the game. So, how does a concept like a "corporation" even exist in such a world? Corporations are legal entities that need to be sanctioned by the governments that preside over them. Without law, I think it can be argued that there can't be corporations.

3) Junon has a giant cannon. Why? There is no other political/corporate super power on FF7's Earth. How did Shinra convince their shareholders to invest in something so blatantly useless? (A bit more on the shareholder issue later...)

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The Yellow Light of Death
October 21, 2009

Watch out PS3 owners, 'cause the Xbox 360 isn't the only console with a design flaw. The PS3 version of the Red Ring of Death, called the "Yellow Light of Death", is cropping up more and more frequently. Unlike Microsoft, who promptly responded to their defect crisis, Sony is charging $150+tax to repair or replace YLOD'd consoles. Even worse: PS3 replacement consoles sent to consumers have also YLOD'd. Since those only have 90-day warranties, your only option is to cough up another $150+tax.

To make matters worse, if you don't back up your saves on a YLOD'd PS3 console,... they're gone forever! Sony keeps the hard drives of any defective consoles sent back to them. Remember: PS3 hard drives aren't detacheable! Boy, it sure does pay to be a 360 owner in this regard.

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An actual Flixter user review of Milk
October 16, 2009

"AND can we PLEASE have some films about gay characters that don't involve them getting murdered for being gay? or dying of AIDS? Gay people live happily ever after too."

Yeah man, the ending to this movie was too much of a downer. I know the real Harvey Milk actually was assassinated by Dan White, but, man, just 'cause it happened like that IRL doesn't mean it's gotta be like that in the movie. The ending should be this:

Dan White comes out of the closet to his wife, divorces her, and becomes a reformed advocate of gay rights.

Harvey Milk lives to be 100, along with his lover Scott Smith. (Who does *not* die of AIDs, 'kay?)

Everyone lives happily ever after, cue rap music and credits.


A fascinating mystery
October 09, 2009

These are recordings of "number stations", strange coded broadcasts that people sometimes catch on their radio devices. Wikipedia can probably explain it better than I can:

Basically, it's like listening in on some James Bond shit. Very interesting,... and spooky, especially if you listen to them in the dark. O_O


FFXIII: The Emo Edition
September 30, 2009


This game looked better without a story.

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