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I have watched ten minutes of ''Uncharted 2
January 19, 2010


1) A possible alternate title for this game could have been: "Mac Guy and the Forgotten Treasure of Marco Polo."

2) Treasure hunters seem to fall into the same age range as the game's target demographic. They also dress really "hip" and mostly speak in sarcastic quips.

3) The opening scene with Drake on the train,... it's a rip off the falling trailer sequence from "Jurassic Park: The Lost World."

4) Cabana Scene: There sure are a lot of shots of people swigging.

5) Sexual tension between video game characters is dull. The rendering is sub-par, the sex scenes are acted out by C-list talent, and the writing is set to "auto-pilot."

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''Sherlock Holmes'' is fun
December 30, 2009

How fun is it? Well, let's say it often made me forget I was sitting very uncomfortably two rows from the screen. One of the movie's producers was Joel Silver, who was also a producer on "Lethal Weapon," and I couldn't help but get some vibes of that here: Sherlock is kind of like a Victorian-era "buddy" movie, where the chemistry between the two leads is key. Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law play off each other brilliantly. If for nothing else, this movie's worth watching for the chemistry between these two actors.

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The ''Alien vs. Predator" gore controversey
December 18, 2009

Who gives a fuck? Why are developers and "game journalists" suddenly getting introspective on the use and depiction of violence in video games? The whole "decapitated head with spine attached" thing has been going on since the original "Mortal Kombat" in 1993. Too violent, you say? 99% of video games are built on mindless violence. If you're going to condemn AvP, then go the extra mile and condemn "Bayonetta" and "Final Fantasy XIII" too. Bayonetta even incorporates sadism as a gameplay gimmick, and openly!

"But it's a debate about aesthetics, taste and limits!"

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Retarded new GameStop practice.
December 08, 2009

Now they attach those stupid stickers directly onto the artwork, instead of over the clear plastic cover. It's like they're deliberately trying to piss their customers off now.


''conformist and mediocre''
December 03, 2009

The above were words used by "Edge Magazine" to describe the new PSP role-playing game "Dragoneer's Aria." Pretty heavy descriptors for a game, don'tcha think?


New game gets a bad localization
December 02, 2009

The game is the latest overseas sensation that has finally crossed over.

Players are complaining about the dub, with no option to play the game in its native language.

There are accusations of inaccuracy in the localized script.

One controversial line change:

"Remember - No Russian." -> "Kill the Russians."

The game: Modern Warfare 2

Its destination: Japan

Our destination: The Twilight Zone (Cue ominous music.)

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The ''Things I Will Not Tolerate in a Game'' Files
November 30, 2009

Game: Glory of Heracles II
Platform: Famicom
Crime: It's bad enough that bosses can break my hard-earned equipment, but when regular enemies do it? Screw you, game!


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