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October 22, 2005

I beat Super Mode in Shinobi the other day in one sitting! The confrontation with Super Hiruko was not quite as dramatic as the one I had in Hard Mode, but it was still pretty damn intense. I also unlocked Joe Musashi and the EX Stages. Right now I am treading through normal as Joe. Once that is done, I will take on the EX levels.

Also, my sister bought Phoenix Wright and Lost in Blue the other day. I gave Lost in Blue a spin and it is pretty cool. More on that later.

BTW, if you are having problems beating Shinobi on the PS2, I just submitted a little cheat to its Honest Gamers page that you might find useful.

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October 21, 2005

Today, on Friday the 21st of October, I, Joseph Emmanuel Valencia II, defeated Hiruko on the hard difficulty level of the Playstation2™ Video Computer Game Shinobi™.

The final blow was delivered to Hiruko at precisely 8:09PM EST, followed by this exclamation from the winning party: "YES!! BOOYAH! TAKE THAT YOU MOTHER FUCKER!!"

For accomplishing this feat most awesome, I bestow upon myself the title of Space World Shinobi Master Esquire of the Icarus Order.


Me vs. Hiruko on Hard Mode.
October 21, 2005

I failed after two hours of trying. :*-(

I think I'll write up that Kirby review as a means of getting over this humiliating defeat.


Hiruko, here I come!
October 20, 2005

Still playing 'nobi in hard mode, and now I just made to the big 8-B. All that stands between me and unlocking Moritsune is an Oboro Coin and one nasty boss, and boy is he nasty. But I've had more experience since our last encounter. I shall be victorious!!!

Also, I intended to write a Kirby: Canvas Curse review today but I didn't get around to it. I'll see if I can get to it either tommorow or during the weekend. Hopefully, Hurricane Wilma won't knock out South Florida's power... -_-


Hotsuma = Awesome.
October 18, 2005

Hotsuma trumps Hibana is every way. I just played through all of Nightshade as him with little to no setbacks. His only weakness is that he lacks Hibana's jump kick, which makes the Jimushi battle especially difficult. Also, enemies who block in midair can be a bit of trouble, but Hostuma can usually use his extra jump to attack the enemy from behind.

If you want to play as this Akujiki-wielding powerhouse in Nightshade, I have submitted the requirements for unlocking him to the cheat area of Honest Gamer's Nightshade page. It should be up shortly after I have written this.

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October 16, 2005

The last three stages of Nightshade are the most intense that I have ever seen in a video game. I had to retry Stage 11 so many times that my final score ended up being 0! Stage 12 was not quite as painful, but it still managed to make a fool of me. It was cool how the Golden Palace from Shinobi was also the final stage for this game, though. They even reused a whole portion of Stage 8-A. I was half-expecting to see Hiruko make a miraculous Deus ex Machina appearance and become the final boss, but nope.

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Devil May Cry... like a sissy.
October 15, 2005

I started Nightshade the other day and right now I made it to stage 11.


This has got to be the most action-packed game on the PS2- no, current-gen of consoles I have ever seen. The concept of tates from Shinobi is taken to the limit, with chains as high as 50! I didn't find out about the new stealth attack until the fifth stage. It's a nifty little maneuver that makes one-hit boss kills easier than before. That's not to say that the boss fights are easy. You still have to rack up those tates and then wait for just the right moment to use your attack. Finding that opening is hard, especially since the power you get from chaining kills only lasts for so long.

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