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The latest review from master review writer Hiroshimo Mitsuguchi...
April 24, 2006

... is not Back to the Future 2 & 3.

My updated to-do list is here.

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Just missed it.
April 16, 2006

I didn't submit any reviews last week, though I had intended to. I was going to dedicate some time to review writing on Saturday, but two things came to my attention: 1) Mission:Impossible just got released as a Special Edition about four days ago, and 2) each M:I SE comes with a free ticket to the forthcoming third movie.

The first DVD by itself cost $12, but it also came bundled with the terrible second movie in a special "Collector's Set" for $17. Hey, M:I2 might suck, but I'd rather spend $17 and get two movies than spend $12 for just one film. So I bought both and spent the rest of the night watching the two Missions back-to-back, which elimated any remaining time I had to write a review for the week.

I will make up for this by writing two reviews this week.


Rewind NES games!
April 10, 2006

I downloaded the latest version of Nestopia today and noticed that it has a new feature: rewind! It's like the move from Prince of Persia: if you make a mistake or something, you can "rewind" the action and undo it!

Accidentally picked up the stupid dagger in Castlevania? You can rewind time and stop yourself from ever picking it up!

Did you bump into some stupid goon by accident in Contra and lose your awesome Spread shot? Just Rewind time and pretend like it never happened!

Now there's something the virtual console can't compete with.


Kingdom Hearts II
April 03, 2006

I just watched the first three or so hours of Kingdom Hearts II, and I have one thing to say: man was that boring!

My sister bought the game, but I think I'll pass on it until after I beat X-Men Legends II.


Great Scott!!!
April 03, 2006

I've finally submitted my first new review in six months! SIX MONTHS! What have I been doing since Star Wars Episode III?!

BTW, Howl's Moving Castle sucks!

Check out the review here.


Hayao Miyazaki is overrated!
March 11, 2006

The comparisons to Walt Disney are completely unfounded; aside from having values that are pretty much opposite to Walt's, his movies lack the charm and subtlety of a Disney feature.

I don't understand what non-Japanese people see in this guy.


The HG Twilight Zone.
March 09, 2006

Something strange happened today when I logged into Honest Gamers. I did the usual stuff (type in my name/password, etc.), and when I went to check my blog I wound up in... the HG twilight zone. In this pseudo parallel universe, my blog's design reverted to "generic". I found that my HG mail had 45 letters from various site contributors. They all were all titled something along the lines of "Could you please proof-read this review for me?" or "I was too lazy to give this a title". The wierd part was that when I opened them... THEY WERE ALL EMPTY!

I managed to get myself out of the HG twilight zone by logging out and then logging back in... but man was that wierd.


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