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It's gone!
July 12, 2006

Nick Evil's Zelda III review has been removed from GameFAQs. What a crime!


Who you gonna call?
June 10, 2006

New Ghostbusters II

This is going to be the last NES game I'll be reviewing for a while; I'm going to focus on Genesis games for the rest of year.

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World Series.
June 05, 2006

My review of World Series Baseball for the Sega Genesis is up.

I've never reviewed a sports game before, so I didn't feel too comfortable writing this up. I'm kind of amazed that I managed to write 1,000 words for this; I was expecting to only get up to 800.

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Review Hiatus.
May 25, 2006

I have decided to take a hiatus from review-writing this weekend to work on my OHRPGCE project. Actually, I've been having a bit of "reviewers' block" since last week. I figure instead of struggling with it, why not just take a break from reviews to do something else?

I haven't worked on Battle Heart since... wow, it's been a while since I've touched it. I want to at least create one town before the end of this month.


Food for thought.
May 11, 2006

During a debate in a forum thread, an interesting thought entered my mind. It had something to do with competition in the game industry or what we perceive as competition.

During discussions about the console wars, we usually see phrases like "competition is good for the industry" getting thrown around. A general perception is that any of the "big three" dropping out of the console race would be bad for the industry, because that means less competition; the question is: does it?

I have to disagree. I might be wrong, but I don't think it would be the end of the world if Sony or Nintendo had to drop out of the next-gen console war. Would it devastate people? Yes. Would it mark the end of competition in the world of gaming? No.

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May 05, 2006

The following was posted by a GameSpot user named "meimnobody" in the comments section of a Wii article:

Ahem do kids make up most of the peopel playing tetris? Nope it's adults.

E doesn't mean kids you stupid ignorant piece of white trash who dares to insult monkeys by associating himself with them.

Silicon Knights, Rare were Nintendo second parties directed by Nintendo you sack of garbage.

M rated games do not make you an adult for playing them. God of War bah it sold less then most Nintendo titles which bought mostly by adults. While God of War was bought mostly for kids by ignorant parents.

I see far more kids gushing over M rated games then anything else because their testicles haven't dropped.

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Take your batch to see the New Batch.
April 27, 2006

My Gremlins 2 is up!

Click here for my to-be-reviewed list.

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