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July 23, 2006

I really biffed it this week. My Zelda I bash was torn apart by judges, and now Team Janus is tied for third with Team Emp.

I thought that particular review was the best possible entry I could have picked for this week. I was also considering New Ghostbusters II and Gremlins 2, but I don't think those would have fared any better; both feel too much like my Back to the Future, which barely won the first round.

In retrospect, I think I should have put in some extra effort and submitted something new. Either that, or I should have edited my Zelda I and polished it up. Either way, I take the blame for my team losing. Instead of being lazy, I should have given this round my all.

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A request.
July 19, 2006

To any brave soul who has a GameFAQs account and is willing to risk getting moderated, could you please relay to following message from me to Sailor Bacon in the general Review Contributor board (under the topic "How is this review considered trolling?", if it isn't closed yet):

Damn, Bacon; you are full of it.

My comparisons aren't inane; I drew them to illustrate how poorly the game has aged.

You admit you didn't even play 3/4 of the game. This in and of itself will get a review rejected.

BS. I'll let a couple of quotes speak for themselves.

From Zigfried:
I don't believe that's true. I've read reviews before that admit to only playing "most" of the game. If it is true, then that's a dumb rule.

From Ashy the Second:

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July 19, 2006



Spaceworlder's GameFAQs B.O. report.
July 19, 2006

Yesterday, timebombtown's Castlevania: Circle of the Moon review opened. Conservative estimates predicated it would make an opening of 15 hits, matching up with the reviewer's Metroid. It actually performed above expectations, scoring an opening of 22 hits. Meanwhile, timebombtown's other review raked in a solid nine hits to raise its total gross to 62. (It's weekly average has risen to 20.)

Analysts predict that both reviews will enjoy a solid weekend, possibly breaking the 100 point.

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The review that was too hardcore for GameFAQs to handle!
July 17, 2006

The Legend of Zelda

I originally submitted this to GameFAQs under my alt account "timebombtown", but it got rejected three times. Rather than let this work go to waste, I altered it a little and submitted it to HG; it got accepted within a few minutes of its submission.

EDIT: On another note, my Kingdom Hearts review broke 1000 hits!


It's almost like a new review.
July 13, 2006

Shinobi: Tourney Edition

I've been wanting to update my old Shinobi review for months, and Janus selecting it for the next tourney round presented me with a perfect opportunity to do so.

Come what the judges may say, I'm satisfied with this revision.


It's gone!
July 12, 2006

Nick Evil's Zelda III review has been removed from GameFAQs. What a crime!


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