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Rush 'n' Attack on XBLA!
May 21, 2007;title;5


It's a shame the other game is Xevious and not Pooyan.


Double Dragon sucks.
May 18, 2007

I can't believe I spent 400 Microsoft Points on that piece of crap. Next to Joust, it's the worst thing I've ever downloaded off the Live Marketplace.

Damn you Gaming Media for labelling games like Double Dragon and Joust "classics"!!


March 28, 2007;title;1

This is great. Twice the HDD storage space of the 60 GB PS3 model, but $120 cheaper. And Sony's best defense against this threat is something along the lines of "Well... it.. it doesn't have the storage power of Bluray, a-and Microsoft is a hypocrite!!"


Honest Gamers Pooyan Association
March 20, 2007

Today, I have founded a not-for-profit organization dubbed the Honest Gamers Pooyan Association (HGPA). Our goal: to raise awareness of Pooyan and provide content for neglected Pooyan database listings.

Thanks to the efforts of HGPA, the arcade listing for Pooyan has been enriched with screenshots, cover art, and a high score. Despite these steps forward, there is still more work to be done! There are other Pooyan listings on other consoles that need content like screenshots, cover art, high scores, fanfiction, and reviews.

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My Hi-Scores.
March 19, 2007

Mario Bros. (Arcade) - 39,850 pts. 81,650 pts.

Shinobi (Arcade) - 88,270 pts 171,790 pts

Turtles in Time (Arcade) - 126 pts

Donkey Kong - 57,600 pts

Pooyan - 64,650 pts

Can anyone bump me off the top?!


Effective NES propaganda.
January 09, 2007

I watched The Wizard on DVD a couple of days ago. Shortly afterward, I found myself rushing to my favorite ROM site and downloading Double Dragon and Rad Racer. Now I understand Corey's astonishment at Jimmy getting 50,000 points in Double Dragon. After playing those games for a little bit, I beat Super Mario Bros. 3 by using the double-flute trick.

The only thing Nintendo's propaganda couldn't make me do was revisit Ninja Turtles. No force on the face of the Earth, not even nostalgia, can convince me to go through that Goddamned swimming area in stage 2 again.

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Wii get smashed.
November 20, 2006

The Wii doesn't seem as tough as the Gamecube. :(


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