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johnny_cairo sup

Posted: February 26, 2006 (03:54 AM)
There's a motley crew working at GameStop. When I walked in, empty handed, I was asked no less than three times by as many people whether I had anything to trade in. I was going to pull the copy of Divine Sealing I keep in my ass for occasions like these, but I decided against it.

The first person was your garden variety hipster but his hairstyle was uniquely retarded - all the hair in front was amalgamated into a kind of inverted triangle shape over his forehead. Then the rest of his hair was slicked back with what had to be axle grease. It kind of looked like he was wearing some kind of helmet.

The next, no less than 30 seconds later, looked like my kindergarten teacher. Only 500 pounds heavier. And she could have either been Asian or squinting really hard at me. I'm surprised she was mobile, actually.

And then a man with a ZZ Top beard and an eyepatch -- a fucking eyepatch -- asked me if I had anything to trade in. His breath reeked of whiskey and chew tobacco. Apparently he worked there. Being the wiseass, asked him not to keelhaul me. He laughed and said he got that a lot.

I grabbed a used Dino Crisis 2 and promptly left. That game is ridiculously fun. Possibly the last great PSX game (implying there were other great PSX games, but I digress here).

Also, why do my favorite bands have to be so fucking weird?

The band's sole recording, Dead As Dreams, barely even came out, as the original plan had been to only release one copy of the album and give it to a teenager in Europe. (There were also plans to bury copies of the album and then give customers maps so that they could attempt to find and dig up the album for themselves.)

Now THAT'S more "indie" than an army of Professor Kibagami's Sufjan Stevens clones.

janusUser: janus
Posted: February 26, 2006 (07:34 AM)
It would be awesome if gamestop sacked all their employees and replaced them with pirates.

GenjUser: Genj
Posted: February 26, 2006 (09:44 AM)
No fair. My GameStop just has a bunch of nerds that talk about World of Warcraft ALL THE FUCKING TIME.

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