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johnny_cairo sup

Title: Cormac McCarthy reviews Galaga
Posted: September 05, 2007 (05:30 AM)
The conjoined doubleship radiates a white halo from the coupled grouping of steel and plasma. A white halo of radiation emitting from the metaphorical siamese twins.

Start Round, said the commander in his enthroned chamber into the chrome microphone.

The innumerous flunkies outside obeyed the commanders every whim. This was no exception.

The watchman espied the bug ships flying in their indecipherable formations unchangable as the single space season black as pitch and dotted with innumerous celestial bodies as holes in this canvas peeking out into an impossibly bright alternate universe of pure aether. The formations were simple geometric patterns easily broken apart by the ship's sole gunner and the maltreated fire button becoming increasingly worn after thousands of frenzied presses the red O-ring bleeds its color into the cabinet itself.

Two possibly even three sounds. The gamer does not adjust himself accordingly to the mono system and as the bugs begin to disintegrate amongst the neverending barrage of laser beams their fortitude strengthens itself tenfold. Gamers resistance wearing down like limestone sheets under a ceaseless torrential downpour.

A burst pocket of air combusting in the uncompromising vacuum. Not a sound but a concussion. All occupants flushed out before theyre aware of their situation with the vacuum rendering them raisinlike in less time than it took to shoot a concentrated laser stream. All crewmen flushed out and compacted in split seconds with there being no ceasefire for the bugships and their haphazardly slung arrows.

Three lives over in less time than one. Nothing left but an empty feeling of old joy and old superiority turned over to dubious bugships. Must have more quarters but cannot acquire any more from the old laundryman and mother is long since deceased. Laundry tossed in an endless circle until buzzer announces its foldingtime. Must find coins. All I see in the rainswept gutter is old copper long since discarded in favor of silver pieces.

In the morning the colored fellow awakes at the corner store. Mayhaps he will allow change for a 100 note but this is doubtful. Perhaps store credit will allow for extended Galaga play but do not depend on this uncertainty. The life of the doubleship is less than half a human life to be played out as you will.

EDIT: Removed almost all commas.

maruUser: maru
Title: lmao
Posted: December 23, 2009 (12:36 AM)

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