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Title: XMas Game Progress
Posted: December 29, 2006 (10:37 AM)
Snatcher - finally got this game to work on the emulator. the one i'm playing is the Sega CD version. even though the presentation looks outdated...the story, sound effects and music is still top-notch. Hearing a blood-curdling scream upon arriving at the abandoned factory and the horror that awaits inside is by far the best moment in the game. right now i'm suppose to look for this Napoleon guy, but at the moment I got kicked out of Gibson's house for being a perv to Gibson's daughter, Katrina. funny stuff, but now i'm stuck. i think i am supposed to find something there, but i can't get back inside.

Twilight Princess - after the wonderful horseback fight sequence, the game is starting to pick up. although by now, i'm starting to get tired of looking for those bugs to fill the Vessel of Light with tears. hopefully, this is the last time i have to do this. now looking for the Water Temple. abourt 16 hours so far.

MGS Portable Ops - i beat it around 14 1/2 hours. For a portable MGS game, it's not bad but it's not great either. i shouldn't expect it to be on par with the console versions. The story is the only motivation to play this game. It succeeds in continuing the events after Snake Eater, but there are some plot elements that sort of cheapens the storyline. the boss fights are cool, but are one-dimensional. just lock on target, strafe and shoot and that's pretty much the only tactic you need to beat the bosses except Null which doesn't work. The Null fight is similar to the End in MGS3 where it's a game of hide and seek. The enemy AI sucks. if you can hide in one of the lockers, then you virtually safe. the soldiers are too dumb to open it even though they know Snake is inthere.

honestgamerUser: honestgamer
Posted: December 29, 2006 (04:27 PM)
I haven't played any of those games, and I really should play the first two. The third was sent to us for review but I'm having Janus review it because me reviewing Metal Gear Solid games just seems like a bad idea.

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