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Title: My Wii Experience Pt. 2
Posted: November 21, 2006 (12:32 PM)
After doing a little window shopping on the Wii shopping channel, it was time to check out the remaining two channels left--Weather and News channel. Those channels are not running yet as my console is currently up to date with all the updates.

I noticed while going back to the Wii Channels that there was a "1" attached to the mail icon on the bottom right of the screen. I thought it was going to be a letter from Nintendo congratulating me on purchasing the Wii. Instead, it turned out to be an activity log detailing my time spent on the Wii. I thought that was kind of nifty.

24 min. on Mii Channel
19 min. on Photo Channel
19 min. on Wii Shop Channel

Finally I take out Wii Sports. My Wii sucks the disc in like a vacuum. I ran quickly through each of the 5 games spending no more than 5 minutes each.

Wii Tennis was the 1st game I tried by default. I started my serve the old fashion way by pressing A button to lob the ball then swinging with the Wii-mote. On my next serve it became second nature to just lob the ball by flicking the wii-mote up. It felt good. Wii Baseball felt even better swiinging the wii-mote like a bat but hitting one too many foul balls gets tiresome. Pitching isn't as exciting. It's not as good as Tennis. Next up, Wii Bowling. This one is a little more nuanced compared to the other games. Raise the wii-mote up and do a rolling motion, twist the wrist if you want to put some spin. Knocking pins isn't so hard as it is trying to hit homeruns in Baseball. Bowling was fun. Wii Golf is similar to Baseball in that it got a little frustrating to putt the ball in the hole. Seems like my Wiimote doesnn't register most of the time when i try to do a tiny tap without putting much force into it. Wii Boxing is exciting at first since it uses the nunchuk attachment, but it's probably the least accurate of all the games when detecting motion. The nunchuck doesn't seem to register punches quite as well. The action is a little clunky but still entertaining. And that wraps up my Wii experience.


janusUser: janus
Posted: November 21, 2006 (03:44 PM)
My Wii sucks the disc in like a vacuum.


uh, yeah, but anyway it's interesting to hear about your experience with the console. I'm not going to get one, so it's good to know about these things.

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