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Title: Piece o' Shit Portable!!
Posted: June 22, 2006 (10:51 PM)
well..after a year and 2 months, something bad finally happened to my PSP.....I fucking shattered the LCD screen......man, what a shame. i was walking you know, trying to tickle this girl and the next thing you know my leg bumps onto the side of the counter. i don't know how hard i hit it. it didn't seem like i hit it hard but i had a bad feeling about it, so i took it out, turned the power on and there it was like a crack in the mirror oozing out a liquidous rainbow. my mouth dropped. the outer shell is just fine except for the top part just above the screen which has been chipped a little, but the LCD screen itself inside the casing caved in. You wouldn't notice it was cracked until you turned it on. everything is indistinguishable by the blobs of fading color; red, blue, and green lines, pitch black darkness and the contours of the faultline highlighted by the background lamp. it's kind of hard to explain the visuals. it's like one of those visualizations on Windows Media Player. anyway, the bottom left part of the screen for some reason was salvaged by the blow. in Liberty City Stories, for example, i could clearly see part of the menu screen--Map, Brief, audio etc. it's like a little rectangular viewing area cropped. i'm just stunned in disbelief. and i'm also stunned by how eerily my PSP looks. it looks...kinda cool, but i'm really disappointed. i've never broken a gaming device accidentally before. well, the only thing my PSP is good for now is as an MP3 player. my PSP can still function, but apparently i blinded it. damn it, what do i do now?

honestgamerUser: honestgamer
Posted: June 22, 2006 (11:13 PM)
See if Lee will send you his in trade. It sounds like he doesn't use it much!

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