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Title: Review Recap
Posted: November 29, 2009 (11:55 PM)
so far i've posted 3 reviews in november, well technically i wrote two this month

Demon's Souls

word count: 1429

days to complete: 6

thoughts: this is the first time i ever written a contemporary review. Demon's Souls had only been out for about two weeks when i submitted it in. i've tried my hands on writing reviews before but they were for retro games of GameFaq-ish quality. There are some parts of the review where the tone of the words sound a little off and exaggerated. For the most part, i wanted the person to read the review as if they were playing it literally word for word and let the writing unfold in the same manner as the game would without spoiling it.

favorite parts: "Dying in a video game feels ordinarily routine, but in Demon's Souls death is a transcendental out-of-body experience."

"The oppressive atmosphere of Boletaria Castle is unsettling. It once was a glorious castle now turned to ruins. A menacing red dragon swoops over and onto the bridge to greet you. Its hospitality is unwelcoming, then it ominously flies back to its roost. The smell of death is everywhere."

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

word count: 1987

days to complete: 14

thoughts: to me, reviewing retro games is more challenging than writing a contemporary game. the experience isn't quite fresh in the mind like it once was and part of the challenge is to try to make it still sound compelling and relevant to modern times. i had to play this game again to inspire the writing but to do this i thought it would be better to play it on the original hardware and not through Wii Virtual Console or any other means of emulation. i ended up going through 3 major revisions and writing about 3,000 plus words then slimmed it down. the process was a laborious yet fruitful one, but never once was a chore. the experience was frustrating at times but it is also the most enjoyable, self-indulgent, challenging and rewarding review i've written so far in my short time of writing. to mark this special occassion, i thought it would be a nice touch to submit it on the game's anniversary date. i will fondly remember this one.

favorite parts: "You will see old favorites like the ominous Death Mountain within eye-popping distance, the secluded Lost Woods, the majestic Hyrule Castle mixed along with new settlements like Lon Lon Ranch. There is still impressive depth to be had staring hundreds of feet below the surfaces of Lake Hylia or looking down the steep canyons of Gerudo Valley. You could still get a great view from the Kakariko Village Watchtower or at the peak of Death Mountain's crater. The great expanse will overwhelm you with its immensity that you could easily take a detour from your real destination."

"Although its visuals, which were once state-of-the-art, now look like a blurry watercolor painting in motion. Its still a marvel to look at, due to it's effective use of color scheme which seemingly bursts bright at the seams."

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

word count: 1245

days to complete: 2

thoughts: in the beginning i wrote only several lines of the intro then put it on hold to focus all my attention toward finishing up Ocarina of Time review. there was no way i could write two reviews at once. my writer's high carried me over from OoT to this one, thus i was able to finish it up quickly. i spent a few hours the night before Thanksgiving and the following morning writing the remaining bulk of MW2. i didn't spend too much time revising it. i did a little rush job describing the online experience and came up with a goofy closer because i was pressed for time. other than that, it was probably the easiest review i've written.

favorite parts: "As you roll through the narrow streets, it is nerve-wrackingly silent. There's a few men in turbans up in the balcony who could pass off as terrorists but they just watch you. All of a sudden the tank moves hastily and erratically as gunshots rang out from some unknown position."

"You will fight wars in the unlikeliest of places like the Virginia suburbs and its burger joints to more familiar environs like the Afghan slums and its desert poppy fields."

honestgamerUser: honestgamer
Posted: November 30, 2009 (02:43 AM)
It's good to see you reviewing and doing well for yourself after spending so long on the site. I hope that you'll continue to enjoy the process!

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