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Posted: October 01, 2009 (05:38 PM)
well i put $10 down for Demon's Souls deluxe edition..however, i'm going to have to give up some games from my collection in exchange. the games i'm giving up are:

Grand Theft Auto IV PS3
Rayman Raving Rabbids Wii
Endless Ocean Wii
Ratchet & Clank Going Commando PS2

GameStop's got that promotion going until the 4th where if you trade in 3 games with a minimum $2 value you get $10 extra and 4 games for $20 extra. GTAIV is worth $5.75, Rayman Raving Rabbids = $5.50, Endless Ocean = $10, Ratchet= $2..so i'm gonna have $43 credit. it's more or less(maybe a little bit less) than what i'll be getting if i sold them on ebay after fees and everything. i'm a bit sad to see them go even if they weren't great games. i was surprised that Endless Ocean has alot of value on the used market. it goes for $20 on ebay that was only $30 new when it came out. that was one game i wanted to keep. i liked Endless Ocean better than GTAIV.

after seeing the latest Demon's Souls trailer it's a small sacrifice to make. holy crap i'm stoked.


jiggsUser: jiggs
Posted: October 01, 2009 (08:53 PM)
meh. sometimes they don't post the terms clearly. one page mentions it only works for PS3, WII and 360 games only and another page makes no mention at all. damn gamestop.

honestgamerUser: honestgamer
Posted: October 01, 2009 (11:59 PM)
You'd get more for the games on eBay, even with the fees included.

And Demon's Souls is very good. It's not life-changing or anything, but I'm still having a lot of fun with it and I'd say it's one that should find a permanent place in your collection.

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