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Title: Persona 4!! my impressions
Posted: December 14, 2008 (02:21 PM)
Story - the game doesn't start off very mysterious and startling like Persona 3 did. it seems more light-hearted in nature, but that doesn't mean the game doesn't have any mystery. maybe the game is being more methodical in this approach and not overwhelming the player with "WTF is going on?" moments

Characters - the characters in Persona 4 have warmer and friendlier personalities, and i've already met 5 of them in the first 20 minutes. the protagonist of Persona 4 doesn't seem as mysterious as the blue-haired kid of Persona 3, but so far i've talked back to the teacher, Mr. Mooroka(the students call him Mr. Moron, obviously he's not liked.) for calling me a loser, and he was none too happy about it(i got some courage points for it. hehe) Nanako is loveable -- it's like they took Maiko from P3 and turned her into one of the main charcters with proper voice acting, Yosuke reminds me a little bit like Junpei but without the smart-assness, Chie is sort of tomboyish like Yukari but not as stuckup, Yukiko seems sort of shy like Chihiro. i didn't know what to expect from the characters of P4. i thought i wasn't going to like them as much as P3 but so far they've held my interest. it doesn't feel like they're just reusing the same character types.

so far i think it's just as good as Persona 3. the characters seem to dominate more than the story in this one at the moment. i've played less than an hour and haven't really got to the gameplay part as of yet.

discoUser: disco
Posted: December 14, 2008 (08:45 PM)
Keep playing. The game doesn't really start picking up until after the first dungeon. I'm not going to spoil anything about the characters (or the ones you haven't met yet), but there's a lot more to them than their introductions show.

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