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Title: Metal Gear Solid 4
Posted: June 12, 2008 (11:25 PM)
oh yeah i'm just getting warmed up! so far i've gone through the 8 minute install which wasn't too bad and reactivated my Metal Gear Online account. if you see me, my ID is DigitalKarma. now time to play the real deal.

honestgamerUser: honestgamer
Posted: June 13, 2008 (12:02 AM)
I hear the game is pretty decent.

By the way, are you ever going to update your forum avatar? Your current one is just a blob of text saying that you're stealing bandwidth or something. There are hundreds of avatars available on the site. You can use cover art URLs, forum avatars (just click to get the properties) and whatever.

Express yourself!

jiggsUser: jiggs
Posted: June 13, 2008 (04:16 PM)
been too lazy putting one up but i should do something about it! isn't my forum avatar the default wannabe-Link man?

MGS4 is awesome so far. they made alot of subtle changes to the gameplay. seems like they geared it more for the american audience. i had to get used to hitting X rather than O as the accept button. the ipod feature is pretty cool as well as the MK II robot. definitely a must-play. get it soon Jason!

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