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Title: Getting an LCD HDTV...
Posted: May 09, 2007 (12:36 PM)

it's one of the newer Samsung models in white. one of the things i'm debating is whether to go 19" or 23". the 19" is on sale at RCWilley @ 449 and the 23" $300 more. there is a notable difference in screen size but my question is..is it worth an extra 300 bucks? anybody here have an HDTV set, if so what brand, how much did it cost ya, and more importantly are you happy with it?

i've just thought about how much money i've spent so far on next-generation video gaming. its expensive...more than what i'm accustomed to paying than previous generations. upgrading my TV just to properly see my games in all it's crisp hi-res proportionate glory only makes it more expensive. i know 400+ bucks is relatively inexpensive for an LCD TV but after all the money i spent on games and systems, 400 can be alot given the time frame of these recent purchases. but you know i can't settle for less so i got to pay for it.

The cost of early adopter Next-Gen(excluding games): $1500 and climbing...


carcinogen_crushUser: carcinogen_crush
Posted: May 09, 2007 (01:05 PM)
Hey my friend:

Why not just buy an LCD PC monitor and a set of VGAs or Digital Video cables?

A good monitor with high contrast and a 2 - 4m response rate will only put you out around $250 - $300 if you know where to buy.

19", your choice of widescreen or not. I'm sure you could find some a couple inches bigger for right around that same price.

And if you want a TV, why not go budget with Vizio? I've heard that contrary to popular belief, they're not all that bad. Personally, I'd say stay away from Samsung.

pupUser: pup
Posted: May 09, 2007 (01:31 PM)
Get the 23" if you can afford it. 19" in Widescreen is quite small. If you have any plans of having movie nights or bringing friends over, you'll have to push the couch right up to the screen. In fact, I would say that you are even better holding off for a few more months to shoot for a 30".

The problem with using a PC monitor is that you normally lose the ability to use Component, S-Video, and Composite cables. That means no systems earlier than current gen and perhaps not even a DVD player. Then there is the trouble with the lack of multiple inputs, so you would have to lay down another $100+ for a proper system selector.

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