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Title: so i was cleaning and reorganizing my room....
Posted: February 06, 2009 (08:36 PM)
and one of things i eventually stumbled upon was my cabinet full of games, music cds, videos and other junk. so i spent a half-hour organizing it and getting rid of reciepts and stuff that doesn't belong there. one of the things i've just thought about until only now is...i've bought way too many video games over the years, more than i can remember. the other thought is how long will i be keeping this up? with my income not being as disposable as it once was, i won't be purchasing as many games as i used to. it's kind of sad in a way but i'm also proud to own a decent library of games. i never imagined my obssession with this hobby had taken me this far. i have never snapped a picture of my collection before but i feel like i should because who knows what the future of my collection will be 5 years from now...
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Title: Killzone 2 demo...is live
Posted: February 05, 2009 (03:40 PM)
Killzone 2 single player demo is live now. i wonder if the demo on the european account is the same as the one in america where you have to preorder from gamestop in order to play? i got the european demo instead. anywys, i thought the demo was kinda short but i enjoyed it....much better than the RE5 demo. the game looks spectacular and feels realistic. truly the best physics and flying bodies i've seen in an FPS. the graphics look almost close to the target renders first shown waaaay back 3 years ago so i'd say this game is worth the hype..then again that's what i also said about Metal Gear Solid 4(to some extent), Motorstorm, etc. and those ended up in disappointment. don't get me wrong.. i think it will be a good game, just not revolutionary. it's just a shame i've played way too many FPS games already...so i'm kind of burned out. whether this will save PS3 from horrible sales remains to be seen.
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Title: checking out my wii log
Posted: February 04, 2009 (05:17 PM)
time spent on wii by the year according to wii time log.

2006 - 65 hrs.
2007 - 340 hrs.
2008 - 155 hrs.
2009 - 10 hrs...so far
TOTAL - 570

and guestimate time spent on PS3 by year from looking at my PS2, PS3 game library and COD4 online log

2007 - 300
2008 - 250
2009 - 30 hrs...so far
total - 580

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Title: RE5 demo
Posted: February 02, 2009 (12:05 PM)
the game is hard. the 1st stage basically plays like one of those holed-up cabin moments from RE4 but replace Luis with that new chick..and RE5 plays and feels exactly like RE4 but with on-the-fly inventory menu(enemies can attack you while choosing your weapons!) and item-swapping with your female NPC character who can now assist in attacking enemies! i didn't last very long though. the 2nd stage was a little better to get accustomed to the game's controls. i made it as far as to the chainsaw man but only far enough to get beheaded. the new online co-op mode is an interesting although hardly original addition to the series. after playing this game it doesn't hold the same excitement for me like 4 did...but if you like action though, this demo has more than enough to dick around with in it's two stages.

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Title: anybody digging the new Animal Collective album?
Posted: January 24, 2009 (10:58 PM)

merriweather post pavilion

this album could quite possibly be the chill-out album of the year. sounds very summery, like i want to lay out on the grass in the sun just chilling out. i'm reading comments that it sounds kind of like a Beach Boys album...maybe like Pet Sounds on more acid?
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Title: ok...so i have had SMT:Nocturne for over a year
Posted: January 23, 2009 (07:16 PM)
and i still haven't beaten it yet. i've been playing my quest on and off..but after 50+ hours i'm finally at the Tower of Kagatsuchi. i laid Ahriman easily to waste, that fight was silly. i'm at the section now with the appearing platforms that disappear after you walk through them. the annoying thing is it can take you to a confined area and as a result there's no way out because there are no more visible platforms to walk through so you have to reload a save file. ack.

anyways, i've got all the candelabra, completed the Labyrinth of Amala, became blessed as a true demon instead of demi-fiend. My main party is Dante, Pixie, and Sparna or Titania. is there anything i should be aware of? do i still have a long ways to go? are there much harder bosses than Ahriman?
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Title: rapage of the thumbs
Posted: January 16, 2009 (11:02 PM)
if i complained that DJ Max Clazziquai was too easy, well...i have another complaint..DJ Max Black Square is toooo hard. i'm at the 2nd to the last club and these missions are absolute murder and a test of endurance and patience. some missions require i get 4.5 million score, others 12,000 combo and i can't seem to get fever 9 times in a row on this one song, i stop at 7 fever. >_< this is the song i'm talking about...

Super Lovely....my thumbs hurt
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Posted: January 09, 2009 (11:34 PM)
I thought about picking up the "final" issue of EGM at the newsstand, but 6 bucks for 40-something pages of very little content and sentimentality, a hollow shell of it's former self...it's a sad way to go out. EGM is the third of my favorite gaming magazines to die..the other two being GameFan and Next-Generation Magazine. i wonder how shit like GamePro can still outlive all those great magazines..

even though i hardly read through an issue of EGM but maybe once a year, it was a part of my gaming life from 1991 to 1999(i definitely liked the days of EGM before Ziff Davis took over, those were the golden days.) and so for that i am sad to see it go

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Title: what's better than starting the New Year by playing DJ Max Black Square?
Posted: January 05, 2009 (01:53 PM)
i don't know what's better but i'm having a blast with it so far. the new batch of songs play and sound great and some of the old songs that i only got to play on DJ Max Online and O2Mania are back... Real Overdrive and Space of Soul, FTW! this game is no easy feat...especially on the mission modes where some missions require that you get 100% note accuracy on the song or FeverX7 with 2 million score which is a bit more feasible. anyways, right now i'm at the 5th club and i believe there are 8 clubs total.

also i got the Quattra limited edition. here's my impression of it. the box was a little bit bigger than i expected it to be. my eyes grew wider as i stared at the black diamond patterned box measuring what looked like a foot-long from all dimensions. it has a flip-top opening secured magnetically. the innards started with a tray with the PSP casing with game inside. removing the tray comes with all the extra goodies starting with the glossy cover artbook(the usual fare). taking out the artbook from the box reveals even more goodies. on the left is a box that contains the soundtrack to the game(4 cds in all), to the right is a box for the portable speakers(more on that later), in the middle is the special Son of Sun box where you can grow your own four-leaf clover, the remaining items were a bandanna and a postcard from Pentavision wishing me a Happy New Years. underneath the foam cushioning which houses all the goodies reveals one last item, a booklet with all the cutouts to make your own NB Ranger cardboard figurine..i got the Black Ranger. anyone whose played any DJ Max games knows what I'm talking about..

about the speakers, i was expecting some glossy hard plastic looking speakers with decent sound from the images i saw in the game's pre-release info but what i got instead were cardboard speakers where you have to fold them yourself into a cube. the cardboard doesn't look too cheap where they can tear easily though. it has some kind of laminate coating on it or something. the sound is flat and kind of low. this is the only thing that disappointed me. all in all though, it was a crafty thought-out package. i admit the speakers are crafty too...but in a cheap kind of way. still i think it was worth the 119 bucks i payed for it..the game was actually priced at 89..damn overseas shipping cost..here's pics of the inside packaging at Playasia..too lazy to snap pics of mine own.

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Title: jeez, another lawsuit, wtf Konami?
Posted: December 25, 2008 (09:37 AM)
first Konami sues Roxor Games and In The Groove is no more. then they filed another one against Harmonix for Rock Band during the summer but nothing has happened yet and the latest lawsuit just filed the other day is against Pentavision and the makers of DJ Max games. i'm really starting to hate Konami now. they are going the way of EA and Square-enix, companies that used to innovate but are now just churning out rehashes, and cookie-cutter sequels and like EA, monopolizing their own markets.
the Bemani label aren't exactly cream of the crop anymore either. that's why other music games have been flourishing lately because they offer something that the Bemani games don't. adapt Konami and make something better and stop taking the easy way out.

in other news, my DJ Max Black Square game got delayed until the 29th. aww i want to play it nowww
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