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Title: wow, i remember this
Posted: January 11, 2010 (12:11 AM)

this was the first GameFan magazine i bought.



this is one of the reasons why i kept reading GameFan. they did the review of Snatcher justice. despite hating on Sega back then, this game and the Lunar series made me want to own a Sega CD, but when you're a kid you can only afford to stick with one brand. they also wrote a monthly retro column featuring one game. i think it was called,"Retro Graveyard" or something. i particularly remember the one on Phantasy Star 1. it was an informative write-up, and tribute. they somehow were able to make an outdated 8bit game look visually appealing with their quality screenies. i probably wouldn't have bought a Sega Saturn if it weren't for those eye-popping pics of Panzer Dragoon(the main reason i bought the system) plus my addiction to Virtua Fighter and Daytona in the arcades also helped aid my decision. their coverage of import JRPGs were also superb. i can thank GameFan magazine for all this. for broadening my tastes. that is its legacy.
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Posted: January 06, 2010 (08:41 PM)
after rereading my zone of the enders review numerous times, i feel like deconstructing everything and rewriting it again..thats how unsatisfied i am, but it will have to be postponed for now because i got another review in the think tank....

the caption for my next review goes:
"Raining Blood"

can you guess what its gonna be??

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Posted: January 04, 2010 (11:21 PM)
i didn't realize that Tatsunoku vs Capcom was coming this month...and is going to be releaseed on the same day as No More Heroes 2! talk about bad timing!

also worth mentioning are the releases of Bayonetta, MAG and White Knight Chronicles on the PS3. i'm more excited about the Wii offerings this month though..

crap. january is going to be an awesome month for games.
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Title: reason why i started writing reviews
Posted: December 29, 2009 (11:10 PM)
ive been having a string of bad luck lately that has kept me distracted from writing a review for the contest.my day job has kept me busy as well. 5 more days...hopefully i can get all this done during crunchtime. i'll still post the review even if i don't make the deadline.

anyhow, i just wanted to reflect a little bit about why i actually made the commitment to write reviews this year. especially during the last year or so, i haven't been playing games as much as i used to. it's kind of unfortunate as you grow older and have other responsibilities. i suspect that 5 years from now i will probably be playing even less. to compensate for this, writing reviews feels like another alternative of manifesting my passion for video games, then sharing them with others. if i'm not going to play games anymore, i may as well write about them. reviews are no different than a journal or blog. its all about capturing the experience. trying to put thoughts into words is challenging. when you think you've succeeded in stringing the right combination of words together to get your vision across and the reader can genuinely feel your words, the sense of accomplisment is just as gratifying as completing a game.

this year, i've written 3 reviews so far. all of them are hovering close to under or over 200 hits. i was expecting lower projections at the end of the year but i'm alrady satisfied if one of my reviews can get at least a 100 hits. rating reviews would be a nice feature to have. having hits is one thing, but having feedback is another matter.

yep end of the year ramblings. carry on.
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Title: stumbling block
Posted: December 11, 2009 (04:54 PM)
haven't got anywhere with my alphabetolympic review...i've hit a snag. the toughest part is trying to review a game i don't really care much about. i've played a few hours of the game to get some kind of thought process going, but so far the spur of the moment i had writing those reviews in November isn't kicking in for me this month. that dillema coupled with bouts of Modern Warfare 2 online has me distracted.

anyway, i just updated my Ocarina of Time review with a handful of screenshots. perhaps i went a bit overkill with the pics, but as long as it is neat and tidy and sprinkled every other two paragraphs, then i think is alright.
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Title: Review Recap
Posted: November 29, 2009 (11:55 PM)
so far i've posted 3 reviews in november, well technically i wrote two this month

Demon's Souls

word count: 1429

days to complete: 6

thoughts: this is the first time i ever written a contemporary review. Demon's Souls had only been out for about two weeks when i submitted it in. i've tried my hands on writing reviews before but they were for retro games of GameFaq-ish quality. There are some parts of the review where the tone of the words sound a little off and exaggerated. For the most part, i wanted the person to read the review as if they were playing it literally word for word and let the writing unfold in the same manner as the game would without spoiling it.

favorite parts: "Dying in a video game feels ordinarily routine, but in Demon's Souls death is a transcendental out-of-body experience."

"The oppressive atmosphere of Boletaria Castle is unsettling. It once was a glorious castle now turned to ruins. A menacing red dragon swoops over and onto the bridge to greet you. Its hospitality is unwelcoming, then it ominously flies back to its roost. The smell of death is everywhere."

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

word count: 1987

days to complete: 14

thoughts: to me, reviewing retro games is more challenging than writing a contemporary game. the experience isn't quite fresh in the mind like it once was and part of the challenge is to try to make it still sound compelling and relevant to modern times. i had to play this game again to inspire the writing but to do this i thought it would be better to play it on the original hardware and not through Wii Virtual Console or any other means of emulation. i ended up going through 3 major revisions and writing about 3,000 plus words then slimmed it down. the process was a laborious yet fruitful one, but never once was a chore. the experience was frustrating at times but it is also the most enjoyable, self-indulgent, challenging and rewarding review i've written so far in my short time of writing. to mark this special occassion, i thought it would be a nice touch to submit it on the game's anniversary date. i will fondly remember this one.

favorite parts: "You will see old favorites like the ominous Death Mountain within eye-popping distance, the secluded Lost Woods, the majestic Hyrule Castle mixed along with new settlements like Lon Lon Ranch. There is still impressive depth to be had staring hundreds of feet below the surfaces of Lake Hylia or looking down the steep canyons of Gerudo Valley. You could still get a great view from the Kakariko Village Watchtower or at the peak of Death Mountain's crater. The great expanse will overwhelm you with its immensity that you could easily take a detour from your real destination."

"Although its visuals, which were once state-of-the-art, now look like a blurry watercolor painting in motion. Its still a marvel to look at, due to it's effective use of color scheme which seemingly bursts bright at the seams."

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

word count: 1245

days to complete: 2

thoughts: in the beginning i wrote only several lines of the intro then put it on hold to focus all my attention toward finishing up Ocarina of Time review. there was no way i could write two reviews at once. my writer's high carried me over from OoT to this one, thus i was able to finish it up quickly. i spent a few hours the night before Thanksgiving and the following morning writing the remaining bulk of MW2. i didn't spend too much time revising it. i did a little rush job describing the online experience and came up with a goofy closer because i was pressed for time. other than that, it was probably the easiest review i've written.

favorite parts: "As you roll through the narrow streets, it is nerve-wrackingly silent. There's a few men in turbans up in the balcony who could pass off as terrorists but they just watch you. All of a sudden the tank moves hastily and erratically as gunshots rang out from some unknown position."

"You will fight wars in the unlikeliest of places like the Virginia suburbs and its burger joints to more familiar environs like the Afghan slums and its desert poppy fields."
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Posted: November 09, 2009 (10:45 PM)
Time can be cruel. The world; its future and the perception of those in it can change accordingly for better or worse, given time.

does it read awkwardly or is there a better way to restructure this sentence?

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Title: just watched episode 2 of Ninja Nonsense
Posted: November 02, 2009 (11:02 AM)
this part made me laugh.

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Title: how i spent my halloween
Posted: November 01, 2009 (01:03 AM)
in a dark house so all the halloweenies would stay away while playing an hour or so of Demon's Souls online and writing review of the game. the 'allow eve's party was pretty awesome. the world tendency turned dark just like they said it would. the most i got out of it was being able to go to the execution grounds for the first time in Boletaria castle and getting my ass handed by Executioner Miralda. she jumped me from the corner as i entered the room. good times.
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Title: Writing a Demon's Souls review
Posted: October 31, 2009 (01:50 PM)
just writing as i go...thinking about actually putting my first review on here. anyway this is what i wrote. will probably keep re-editing this post every minute or so..


What would happen if Godzilla and the Alien from Ridley Scott's movie had gone to hell to merge together, then came back as a hideous demon with a lean eight-pack(yes I said eight since it's not human..) and a mean punch that Captain Falcon would be jealous of? Why you would get the towering monstrosity known as the Dragon God! It's roars are deafening even from far away. Your heart is beating fast. It's rage is seething uncontrollably that it never stops moving. Yet all you can do is wonder how you can even begin to approach this monster, but you do anyway and you'll pay dearly for it...with your life! Before you can even manage to raise your blade...Ka-pow! You skid about a hundred feet or more face down on the floor. You lie there lifelessly in a crumpled heap. The ghastly scene comes to a dim..

(message appears in bold red)
"YOU DIED - Your body has been trapped by the Nexus!"
(screen fades to black)

This is the reward(some reward huh?) you get for completing the opening tutorial of Demon's Souls. It is one of many memorable, maddening moments from From Software's epic tale of death and soul-starving demons! What immediately grabbed me when I played Demon's Souls for the first time was it's unconventional approach to the tutorial. Where other games force you to learn moves before you can move onto the next section. In Demon's Souls the game doesn't need to hold your hand. You have free reign over when and how to learn to play the game at your own pace. In other words, the game encourages you to experiment with the controls. There are glowing red glyphs on the ground that contain hints or instructions but you aren't required to read them. They are only there for clarity. Fortunately, the controls for the most part are intuitive to learn without the help of glyphs and the button placements make sense for an action RPG. Demon's Souls adapts the old-school philosophy of learning that is almost lacking in today's games. The other interesting thing about the Tutorial is that it isn't just there for you to familiarize with the game's controls. It is also designed to kill you! No matter what the outcome is, your first death in Demon's Souls will, in fact, take place right here in the Tutorial! Regular enemies here in this elaborate ruse won't pose a threat to you though. They are only fighting at half-strength. You'll fight Dreglings, Swordsmen, Blue-eyed Knights and Archers along the way. You could run away from them because the tutorial doesn't care or you could let them drain your life completely and you'll still live because they are only fodder for the real battle that's ahead. Up the stairs and into the chamber you will meet Vanguard, the actual boss of the tutorial. Vanguard is a huge ogre with a huge axe about twice the size of you and it likes to swing at things. If you are unlucky one swing will kill you instantly, two if you are lucky. Most players will likely die on their first try because this stubborn beast takes more than several dozen blows before it goes down. Those who persevere will get to meet the aforementioned Dragon God himself along with some spoils that will be helpful to you in your next life!

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