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Title: Evidence of my blunder
Posted: June 22, 2006 (10:54 PM)


I guess this spells the beginning of the end for Sony Computer Entertainment!
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Title: Piece o' Shit Portable!!
Posted: June 22, 2006 (10:51 PM)
well..after a year and 2 months, something bad finally happened to my PSP.....I fucking shattered the LCD screen......man, what a shame. i was walking you know, trying to tickle this girl and the next thing you know my leg bumps onto the side of the counter. i don't know how hard i hit it. it didn't seem like i hit it hard but i had a bad feeling about it, so i took it out, turned the power on and there it was like a crack in the mirror oozing out a liquidous rainbow. my mouth dropped. the outer shell is just fine except for the top part just above the screen which has been chipped a little, but the LCD screen itself inside the casing caved in. You wouldn't notice it was cracked until you turned it on. everything is indistinguishable by the blobs of fading color; red, blue, and green lines, pitch black darkness and the contours of the faultline highlighted by the background lamp. it's kind of hard to explain the visuals. it's like one of those visualizations on Windows Media Player. anyway, the bottom left part of the screen for some reason was salvaged by the blow. in Liberty City Stories, for example, i could clearly see part of the menu screen--Map, Brief, audio etc. it's like a little rectangular viewing area cropped. i'm just stunned in disbelief. and i'm also stunned by how eerily my PSP looks. it looks...kinda cool, but i'm really disappointed. i've never broken a gaming device accidentally before. well, the only thing my PSP is good for now is as an MP3 player. my PSP can still function, but apparently i blinded it. damn it, what do i do now?
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Title: My MGO Ranking Now...
Posted: April 05, 2006 (01:18 PM)
is 433 overall out of +30,000 players. i'm moving up the chain. my game still needs improving...
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Title: MGO Rankings
Posted: March 31, 2006 (01:18 AM)
Vs Rating Rank: 3485
Vs Rating: 1277

"All Rules Overall"
Score Rank: 1152
Rank Points: 13259 Points
Kills: 1823 Times
Deaths: 1798 Times
Kill Streak: 12 times
Death Streak: 13 times
Stuns: 34 times
Stuns Recieved: 78 times
Headshots: 238 times
Headshots Recieved: 237 times
Kills with Scorpion: 87 times
Kills with Knife: 48 times
CQC Attacks: 47 times
CQC Attacks Recieved: 131 times
Teammate Kills: 11
Teammate Stuns: 2

Radio Uses: 0
Text Chat Use: 1
Times Eaten: 325 times
Rolls: 1129 times
Infrared Goggle Uses: 18 min.

Team Wins: 291 times
Goals Reached as Snake: 32 times
Snake Frags: 41 times
Kerotans Placed: 35 times
Kerotans Placed For Win: 9 times
GA-KOs Rescued: 3 times
Rounds Played: 626 Rounds
Rounds Played Without Dying: 341 Rounds
Playtime: 35 hours 16 minutes

Special Animal Ranks Recieved: Chameleon
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Title: Metal Gear Online
Posted: March 30, 2006 (08:34 PM)
that's all i have been playing now for two weeks. i'm working my way up there in the ranks. my kills are finally outnumbering my deaths. i'm giving more headshots than i am recieving, but i'm still on the negative end. i'm at 1501 overall. i think i'll be happy if i even make it to under 1000. my favorite maps are Brown Town and City Under Siege. they are pretty sprawling maps with good places to hide and snipe. my strategy for City Under Siege is to secure the tallest building there and place porno mags by the ladder. when an unsuspecting player climbs on top and looks at it, BLAM! headshot. meanwhile i'm sniping other players on other rooftops and on the ground. i'll post my updated stats later after i play a few rounds. c ya.
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Posted: February 28, 2006 (07:54 PM)
i just got Guitar Hero today awwww-yeah!

on a side note, i pre-ordered MGS3:Subsistence. (i usually don't care for rereleases/special editions unless i don't have the game already but this is one exception. i loved MGS3 and the bonuses are just too much to ask for. heck i figure its about time to get a network adapter just for this game alone..
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Posted: February 25, 2006 (12:42 AM)
uh oh, i'm getting sucked into PSP Revolution! i'm downloading song files off of bemanistyle.com. what can i say? that's what i been doing all night. help!
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Posted: February 22, 2006 (11:32 PM)
nice to know some of you are listening to it and giving feedback. omg, Janus..how could you not like Gang of Four? the Ramones i can understand..but Gang of Four?! :\ :(
and Venter I guess I was trying for that effect..glad that it worked! anyway, i bumped the song list up to 46, and 38 artists as follows:

45 Grave
The Beatles
The Blood Brothers
Booker T And The MG's
The Chinese Stars
The Cramps
David Bowie
Eri Nobuchika
Gang of Four
Hiroshi Okubo
Hysteric Blue
The Jam
Joy Division
Kohta Takahashi
LCD Soundsystem
The Meat Puppets
Melt Banana
The Minutemen
Mission of Burma
Mondo Grosso
The New Pornographers
Orange Lounge
Pink Floyd
The Pixies
The Ramones
The Replacements
Richard Hell & The Voidoids
The Shins
Sonic Youth
The Stooges
Sweet Little 30's
Syd Barrett
Takayuki Nakamura
Talking Heads

i know i left out some others.. if i can remember some other artist i will add it. hopefully i will reach the 100 song plateau soon and maybe if i still have enough space..have at least 200 songs on my playlist. i understand half of it will be crap and half will be good to someo of you. anyway happy listening ^_^
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Title: updated my playlist
Posted: February 16, 2006 (12:04 AM)
1. The Beatles - Glass Onion
2. The Blood Brothers - Every Breath Is A Bomb
3. Brainstorm - Holiday In Summer(Lumines Remix)
4. Can - Paperhouse
5. Gang of Four - Anthrax
6. Hysteric Blue - Bayside Baby
7. Joy Division - Disorder
8. Kohta Takahashi - Nightstream
9. LCD Soundsystem - Losing My Edge
10.Melt Banana - Moon Flavor
11.The Minutemen - There Ain't Shit On TV Tonight
12.Mission of Burma - Academy Fight Song
13.Mondo Grosso - Shake Ya Body(edit)
14.The Ramones - Beat On The Brat
15.The Replacements - I Will Dare
16.Richard Hell & The Voidoids - Blank Generation
17.Ridge Racer PSP - Eat Em' Up(Pac-Man Remix)
18.Sonic Youth - Pattern Recognition
19.The Stooges - Loose

check it out on my blog. probably will add more in the future.
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Title: blog customizing..
Posted: February 05, 2006 (11:20 PM)
making use out of that custom message box by including a flash mp3 player on my blog. later on i'm gonna reconfigure my playlist to include more bands, but for now it's just the Minutemen and their album "Buzz or Howl Under The Influence of Heat".
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