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Title: Quick MGS: Portable Ops Impression
Posted: December 20, 2006 (12:34 AM)
this game is nice. i'm glad they didn't just make a cookie cutter port with a coat of new paint like the GTA PSP games but actually tinkered with the gameplay formula a bit. recruiting enemy soldiers to join big boss' army may get annoying sometimes, but i've grown fond of it. the comic strip cutscenes don't convey the cinematics as well as the real-time cutscenes of the console versions but i've grown fond of it too. finally, the first boss in Portable Ops isn't as lame as The Pain. he's much cooler if you know what i mean. tsk.
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Title: twilight Princess Impressions
Posted: December 19, 2006 (11:34 PM)
Zelda: Twilight Princess - this game is getting better by the hour. about 9 hours ago, i nearly gave up playing this game. why? the fishing part at the beginning of the game frustated the hell out of me. if the game was more thorough on explaining how to use the rod besides casting it out in the water i wouldn't have been stuck for an hour trying to catch the fish. moving it to get the fish's attention was the hard part, and figuring how to reel on my own was a nice way to end my frustating fishing experience. at times i did wonder how much easier it would be to do this on a Cube controller and i can't imagine how many newcomers to the Zelda series will be put off by this fishing part. finding the way out of the cell after becoming a wolf was also frustating(not as bad as the fishing), but that really isn't the game's fault. it is nice when i DID finally figured the way out. aside from this, the game gradually gets better. the game does start off slow though if i had to compare to Ocarina of Time. however, i've come to the point where the game is finally starting to shine, namely the horseback fight sequence against a horde of boars that i so fondly remember two E3's ago. it was awesome seeing it and it is still awesome to be able to play it. NOW this is the reason to play Twilight Princess.
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Title: Getting the most out of my Wii
Posted: November 26, 2006 (08:15 PM)
i come back home after a day of shopping and all of a sudden i see a blue light pulsating from the corner of the pitch black room. it's my Wii and a friend must have sent me something via WiiConnect24. It looks pretty damn cool in the dark. I've been checking on it from time to time, staring hypnotically at my Wii. It's still blinking for the past hour.

i finally got around to downloading some Virtual Console games a couple days ago. i wanted Super Mario 64 to be my first download but i can't play it without the classic controller. this Virtual Console experience won't come cheap. it's not something i'll be spending alot of money on anyway but it was fun to try it out. So, I got only the games that worked with the Wii-mote. Instead of Mario 64, I got Legend of Zelda for NES, Sonic 1 for Genesis, and Bomberman '93 for TG-16.
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Title: My Wii Experience Pt. 2
Posted: November 21, 2006 (12:32 PM)
After doing a little window shopping on the Wii shopping channel, it was time to check out the remaining two channels left--Weather and News channel. Those channels are not running yet as my console is currently up to date with all the updates.

I noticed while going back to the Wii Channels that there was a "1" attached to the mail icon on the bottom right of the screen. I thought it was going to be a letter from Nintendo congratulating me on purchasing the Wii. Instead, it turned out to be an activity log detailing my time spent on the Wii. I thought that was kind of nifty.

24 min. on Mii Channel
19 min. on Photo Channel
19 min. on Wii Shop Channel

Finally I take out Wii Sports. My Wii sucks the disc in like a vacuum. I ran quickly through each of the 5 games spending no more than 5 minutes each.

Wii Tennis was the 1st game I tried by default. I started my serve the old fashion way by pressing A button to lob the ball then swinging with the Wii-mote. On my next serve it became second nature to just lob the ball by flicking the wii-mote up. It felt good. Wii Baseball felt even better swiinging the wii-mote like a bat but hitting one too many foul balls gets tiresome. Pitching isn't as exciting. It's not as good as Tennis. Next up, Wii Bowling. This one is a little more nuanced compared to the other games. Raise the wii-mote up and do a rolling motion, twist the wrist if you want to put some spin. Knocking pins isn't so hard as it is trying to hit homeruns in Baseball. Bowling was fun. Wii Golf is similar to Baseball in that it got a little frustrating to putt the ball in the hole. Seems like my Wiimote doesnn't register most of the time when i try to do a tiny tap without putting much force into it. Wii Boxing is exciting at first since it uses the nunchuk attachment, but it's probably the least accurate of all the games when detecting motion. The nunchuck doesn't seem to register punches quite as well. The action is a little clunky but still entertaining. And that wraps up my Wii experience.

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Title: My Wii Experience pt. 1
Posted: November 20, 2006 (10:52 AM)
So I bought my Wii and Zelda last night. I felt like a 7 year old kid all over again. Unpacking the box was such a joy simply because the innards were divided into two trays. Slide tray 1 out, then tray 2--that's it. Everything was layed out in front of me just waiting to be grabbed and with no fuss. Kudos to Nintendo for preparing a well-thought out, and accessible package. If I were to repack it back into the box, I don't think I would have a problem. On the other hand, it was kind of a bitch to repack my GameCube back into it's box to be traded-in.

Hooking up the Wii was fun. Putting the little plastic fixture underneath the console stand so the stand would be more resistant, fitting the Wii on top of the stand, placing the sensor bar on top of the TV(I admit it's a bit tacky but there's always the sensor bar stand which in the future I may use), inserting the batteries in the Wii remote...that kind of seems like alot of work compared to previous consoles but it was a fresh experience.

With trusty Wii-mote strapped to my wrist, I finally turn on the power button on the console. Ah, the familiar blue beam beckons me. I wave the remote around and the hand cursor appears and starts moving. It feels intuitive just like a mouse. After going through the basic system settings, I am in Wii Channels. I click the Game Disc channel. My first impulse would be to pop in Wii Sports right? Strangely, nope--on to the next channel.

I spent a good half-hour on the Mii channel trying to make a painstaking recreation of myself. Surprisingly, the Mii character does kind of resemble me. It may seem kind of goofy having Mii characters represent me. I'd rather prefer having my face digitally mapped to the character but creating is always fun. I like my Mii.

Next up--Photo Channel. I take out the SD card in my camera and load it in the front slot. Zoom out and the pictures look like they are funneling into a tornado. The slideshow seemed boring with boring background muzak to accompany it. I view video of some footage from The Cramps concert I attended to earlier this month and recent pictures of me posing with my Wii. Photo Channel also lets you tag your pictures a'la Mario Paint, and make a game out of your pictures by turning them into jigsaw puzzles. You are timed of course. If you succeed putting them back together, you are awarded with the ability to segment your pictures with even more jigsaw pieces. Sounds pretty retarded I know.

Next up--Wii Shop Channel. This channel required me to update my Wii. This was the only unpleasant part of my experience as it took about 5 to 6 minutes to update with several abrupt disconnections. I borrowed someone else's Wi-Fi access point so maybe that's why it took a bit longer to update than it should. I got to check out the Virtual Console area where twelve games were up for download. The NES had Mario Bros., Donkey Kong, Zelda 1, and 4 other games. The SNES had F-Zero, and Sim City. Genesis--Altered Beast and Sonic 1, and finally Super Mario 64 for N64. I didn't have any Wii points on hand to purchase any. Well, this should give me an excuse to stop writing now and go get me one of those Wii cards. later!

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Title: The Wii Reawakens The Nintendo Fanboy In Me
Posted: November 19, 2006 (10:06 AM)
It's been a long time since I have been excited about a Nintendo system, and Nintendo in general. When the Nintendo64 came out a decade ago, my love for Nintendo had reached it's highest point. I got the system on launch day with both games(Super Mario 64 and Pilotwings 64). I was definitely proud to own an N64 that day. It's still the only system I ever bought on day one...that is until I get my Wii later tonight.

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Title: the blue beam beckons
Posted: November 14, 2006 (10:03 PM)
Just as i walk into the store, moments later a delivery guy brings in this hulking box with Nintendo logo boldly displayed on the front of it. One doesn't need to venture a guess as to what is inside. The asst. manager strips away at the cardboard and i look on with anticipating glee...

The kiosk had arrived at my local EBGames today. Unfortunately I was not able to test it out. The Nintendo rep wasn't going to show up today with the demo disc and controller, so i'll just have to wait another day until i get some hands-on time.

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
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Title: Lumines II
Posted: November 10, 2006 (10:56 PM)
just got this game yesterday...it is fabulous!this version makes the first Lumines obsolete. for one, the mystical 999,999 barrier can now be broken and there is a sequencer that lets you create your own wicked beats. yes, i'm hooked again.

i will have to disagree with the Lumines II review in OPM. sure it may be more of the same with just new skins and more songs but really...what more could you add to the gameplay to make it a "full-fledged sequel"? oh well.
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Title: Final Fantasy XII: Impressions Thus Far
Posted: November 06, 2006 (11:28 AM)
i didn't like the battle system that much when i played the demo a year ago but now that i've spent more time on the actual game i'm starting to like it. it's still essentially the same system as the demo but why do i like it now? is it because i'm playing the finished product, where the battle system actually means something in the scheme of things? now that there is a storyline to FFXII, i have a reason to invest time into this new system. on the otherhand, even if the story were to be good but the battle system sucked or likewise i wouldn't even be playing FFXII right now. i'll be spending 40+ hours with this so-called revolutionary ADB(Active-Dimension Battle) in place of the ATB so i better like it!

the battles seem to move on a bit more quickly and seamlessly. i like how you can command any member in your party at anytime. you don't have to wait until it's their turn to give them an order like the old FF games.

the story is good if not familiar. reminds me of FF4, 6 and 9. i also think this game is ridiculously easy at the moment. with the exception of Thextera, a big wolf monster who gave me a hard time when he sent his pack of wolves coming after me(i only had Vaan in the party against a group of 4), the game is a cakewalk. the other thing that makes the game easy is party members' MP regenerates while on the move so you don't really have to worry about dying as long as there is someone automated to heal the party.

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Posted: October 10, 2006 (10:53 AM)
aside from my turbulent life, my passion for video games is still unwavering. although sometimes i wonder when enough is enough. right now i'm playing Valkyrie Profile on PSP. the battle system is entertaining. i love doing those 40-50 hit combos. it's a good game. it's definnitely not worth the 100+ bucks fishing for this game on Ebay. Okami is fun too but like Banjo Kazooie the character voices are annoying.
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