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Title: Persona 4!! my impressions
Posted: December 14, 2008 (02:21 PM)
Story - the game doesn't start off very mysterious and startling like Persona 3 did. it seems more light-hearted in nature, but that doesn't mean the game doesn't have any mystery. maybe the game is being more methodical in this approach and not overwhelming the player with "WTF is going on?" moments

Characters - the characters in Persona 4 have warmer and friendlier personalities, and i've already met 5 of them in the first 20 minutes. the protagonist of Persona 4 doesn't seem as mysterious as the blue-haired kid of Persona 3, but so far i've talked back to the teacher, Mr. Mooroka(the students call him Mr. Moron, obviously he's not liked.) for calling me a loser, and he was none too happy about it(i got some courage points for it. hehe) Nanako is loveable -- it's like they took Maiko from P3 and turned her into one of the main charcters with proper voice acting, Yosuke reminds me a little bit like Junpei but without the smart-assness, Chie is sort of tomboyish like Yukari but not as stuckup, Yukiko seems sort of shy like Chihiro. i didn't know what to expect from the characters of P4. i thought i wasn't going to like them as much as P3 but so far they've held my interest. it doesn't feel like they're just reusing the same character types.

so far i think it's just as good as Persona 3. the characters seem to dominate more than the story in this one at the moment. i've played less than an hour and haven't really got to the gameplay part as of yet.
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Title: used games...hurting video game industry?
Posted: December 14, 2008 (01:44 PM)

found this article on kotaku linking to gamasutra. so what do you think? i don't think it's necessarily GameStop's fault but they certainly get fat profits from the used games we buy from them. i think the industry needs to lower the price structure of their games to be more in line with the movie industry. doesn't the video game industry always try to copy the movie industry anyway? why not do the same for prices? i'd say games should cost slightly higher than DVD's, around the 25 to 40 dollar range. no more 60 dollar games. even 50 sounds kinda ridiculous too concerning wii games..i'd say most games out on retail shelves right now are not worth the asking price..that's why companies like GameStop are in business because we depend on them and with the recession, i know i'm going to be getting more used games..
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Title: that package looks frickin' sweet....
Posted: December 05, 2008 (02:58 PM)

* DJMAX Portable BLACK SQUARE Premium Case
* DJMAX Portable BLACK SQUARE OST [4 discs]
* Illusion (DJMAX METRO Project Visualization Book)
* Son Of Son Special Gift
* Bandana: BS Edition

Pentavision has a knack for going all out with their special limited edition packaging and this one just goes overboard..holy crap i want those glossy Black Square speakers! if they sound just as good as they look, that would be the perfect way to play DJ Max with the music bumpin' to max on those speakers! DJ Max has the fanciest graphics for a music game so the artbook is definitely a gimme and the OST. i bet this is gonna cost like $2000...just kidding probably more like $200 or less...a price hasn't been announced yet but, faawk....i wish i could buy it shit...

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Title: damnit!
Posted: December 05, 2008 (02:40 PM)
the last fiend, The Trumpeter in SMT: Nocturne is pissing me off. if everyone's HP is above critical then my main guy(the one that happens to have the most HP) gets killed instantly with his death horn but the trick is to try and get one of my other character's HP in the yellow so The Trumpeter will pick off the weak one instead. i haven't really been forced to fuse monsters since i fought the first fiend because i needed a Media spell. that was waaay in the beginning of the game. somehow i don't think Media or Mediarama is going to work here as it'll keep my party's HP up, thus my main character will die again. argghh, you got me good this time! i also hate that i can't skip that section and find some kind of save point in that area. everytime i die, i have travel a long way just to get there again. annoying..but i still love this game.
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Title: persona 4 in less than one week!!
Posted: December 03, 2008 (10:34 PM)
anyways, i've already beaten Persona 3 and after playing it on and off for about a year, i'm trying to finish Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne...i love the pacing of this game. it just plays fast. i'm about 36 hrs into it and i'm at the Tower of Amala. i've gone through two of the thrree temples, halted that and went back to Labyrinth of Amala to go further into the 3rd kalpa and i'm getting chased by Dante, wooo! i'm at lvl. 58. i think i like this game better than Persona 3 because it doesn't drag as much.
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Title: Black Friday
Posted: November 21, 2008 (10:28 PM)
any good deals that have been leaked you're interested in?

i probably will need to upgrade my 1 gig PSP memory stick and i saw GameStop will sell a brand new 4 gig for 25 bucks on Black Friday. pretty good deal i say. what else is good out there? damnit, my budget is limited and because of that there are probably alot of good deals i will be missing out on. yet so far, i haven't found any good video game deals worth my while.

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Title: hooked on trauma center 2
Posted: October 21, 2008 (08:32 PM)
best game on DS this year by far. the gameplay is starting to get a little formulaic though but the storyline is it's strongest point. adel tulba, the hands of asclepius, neo-guilt, etc. wasn't expecting the plot to turn out to be interesting..unlike Trauma Center: New Blood. that game's story was a bore. Trauma Center 2 may be the better polished designed game overall and easier for newcomers to the series to get into, but i miss the challenge and freshness of the first game. what i don't miss is some of the clunky tools...like zooming with the magnification was a pain in the ass, thank goodness they got rid of that.


(trauma center 1 = trauma center 2) > trauma center: new blood?
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Title: games i want to play this year that are coming out
Posted: October 21, 2008 (08:04 PM)
Persona 4 (I don't think it will top P3's story and characters, but it's just as interesting. the gameplay looks improved and...what i didn't like about 3 was not being able to control your other party members and half the time their AI sucked. i think 4 will be just as good. i just finished P3 not too long ago...i don't think i could stomach another 70-80+ hr. RPG right now but i'll get it just cus it's Persona.)

DJ Max Fever (i'll buy the localized version just to show my support for the series and hopefully future DJ Max games will come..i doubt it though. PM Studios better not fuck with the note charts and stay true to the korean versions. haven't played DJMax 2 so i'll have something to look forward to since most of the songs seem to be pulled from 2.)

DJ Max Clazziquai & Black Square - just saw new videos of Clazziquai and it's definitely a step up in presentation from the earlier DJ Max games. they got some songs from DJ Max Technika in the game too along with the same upgraded FMV seen in Technika! makes me wonder just how awesome Black Square is gonna be. i also like how the analog stick is being used more for the newly revamped modes to give off more of that Beatmania feel. a little cumbersome on PSP yet still a welcome addition.

Valkyria Chronicles - been interested in this game for some time. the visuals look sharp and colorful. reminds me of Dragon Quest 8 visuals. i'm reading positive feedback on the game's demo. might just be the surprise game of the year for me

FallOut 3 - not much to say than what's already been said. the atmosphere looks amazing. i wanted to like the Elder Scroll games but too much wandering around and not enough killing bored me from the limited play time i've encountered. the modern setting might just be more appealing than a medieval one..

Resistance 2 - it'll probably be more of the same, just bigger and better. can't complain because the first one was decent and i liked it. it's been awhile since i played another epic shooter..

Rock Band 2 or Guitar Hero World Tour - the Guitar Hero series died in spirit long ago, but i like what they are doing to compete with Rock Band 2. i always thought rock band should have dedicated pads for hi-hat and cymbals like DrumMania. Guitar Hero series does just that and the create your own music mode sounds neat too. Rock Band's advantage is there are more songs to play because it's been out longer and maybe the online community and modes are better?

Tales of Symphonia 2 - this is the only confirmed quality game coming out later this year on wii? man, that's just sad unless Fatal Frame 4, or Disaster: day of crisis comes out...
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Posted: October 10, 2008 (08:16 PM)
it sucks that my working hours have been cut back because of the bad economy but it certainly has given me more time to play video games which isn't a bad thing. that's the upside. the downside is that i'll have to cut back on future game purchases. that Rock Band 2 i was considering getting for my PS3 definitely won't happen. i've got to be more selective now. the days of getting an anticipated game on the first day of release are over.

i've been let down with most of the major next-gen releases so far. i think it's important for video game companies to step it up with quality games, because alot of people like myself will be spending less money and spending more time at home playing video games. if the games suck, i can see another video game crash going down along with the troubling economy...but i think the game industry is still in great shape and the games still look promising. all i know is i'm excited about the wii games that are coming out in 2009.

oboro muramasa youtouden looks frickin' sweet..

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Title: Music games - the next gaming trend?
Posted: September 03, 2008 (02:24 PM)
Pentavision has just announced a few more games in the Metro Project line-up -- DJ Max Portable: Clazziquai Edition and DJ Max Portable: Black Square both for the PSP. Along with the recent announcement of DJ Max: Technika and DJ Max Fever, DJ Max fans have plenty to look forward to this Fall. now if only they revive the internet PC edition or make some announcement of a console version. it's only a matter of time...

speaking of which, have you noticed an increase of music games over the years? it may not be a substantial increase but it's definitely noticeable. before 2004 music games were a niche and were a hard sell with Dance Dance Revolution being the only popular music game in town but over the past 3 years this genre has gained alot of momentum. since 2004, we have had games like Guitar Hero, Rock Band, Lumines, DJ Max Portable, Elite Beat Agents(Ouendan), SingStar. many music games released before 2004 are now getting a 2nd chance at better sales(Rez, Gitaroo Man, Parappa, Sambe De Amigo etc.) most music games now can aim to sell several hundred thousand copies unlike before.

other genres have had their moment of popularity. 2D platformers were a staple of the late 80's, 1-on-1 fighting games and to a smaller extent, Beat-em-ups defined the early 90's, 3D Action Platform games were popular and RPGs finally went mainstream in the late 90's, First Person Shooters and GTA-style games dominated this half decade and finally the torch has been passed on to the music genre and casual gaming. how long will this last reamains to be seen
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