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jerec Jerec84

Title: Metal Gear Solid
Posted: February 29, 2012 (01:51 PM)
Never really got into this series but I'm tempted to download the PSone classic onto my PS3. Looked at the reviews for MGS and there's a lot of 3/10's and 10/10's but not much in between.

I didn't realise the game was so divisive.

wolfqueen001User: wolfqueen001
Title: Re: Metal Gear Solid
Posted: March 02, 2012 (07:00 PM)
Yeah. It's one of those that got quite a lot of mixed reviews but remained popular enough for Hideo Koshima to continue the franchise. Unlike Legend of Dragoon.

In any case, I gave the game an 8 after playing it for the first time ten years or so after it first came out, and I still thought it was pretty good. Not so confident about the other games in the series, but since I haven't played all of them yet (only played MGS2 so far), either.

jerecUser: jerec
Title: Re: Metal Gear Solid
Posted: March 02, 2012 (11:22 PM)
I just had a friend telling me I should get the MGS HD Collection, which seems like a decent way to go, but I wouldn't without playing the first game. But it's not like these games are going anywhere so I can wait.

bloomerUser: bloomer
Title: Re: Metal Gear Solid
Posted: March 05, 2012 (05:43 AM)
I've played only the original - which I enjoyed a ton at the time. Above all it has very multi-faceted gameplay; all kinds of POVs and many different kinds of levels and challenges. It really amazed me as part of the exciting new PS1 world I was entering. It has a bunch of mischevious little details, too.

I don't recall there being negative reviews of it at the time. It was game of the year in most of the magazines I was reading.

If you wonder why I never played the sequels - well, the original already has acres of FMVs and story. And that was part of its 'filmy' appeal. But that quality of it was already at saturation point in that first game. When I heard there was more of that stuff in the sequels, and saw that they had words like 'Patriots' in the title (I have a real kneejerk vomit reaction to that kind of stuff), I was happy to leave it on the PS1.

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