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jerec Jerec84

Posted: June 21, 2010 (06:10 AM)
I keep buying games, yet I have no time to play them. And right now I lack a comfortable chair, so most of my free time is spent out of it.

Games I have that I haven't even played yet:

Alan Wake
The Last Remnant
The Saboteur
Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

Zelda: Spirit Tracks
Advance Wars: Dark Conflict (I bought this 2 years ago!)
Dragon Quest: Hand of the Heavenly Bride

Resistance: Fall of Man (this was a freebie)

There's no helping me. >_<

honestgamerUser: honestgamer
Posted: June 21, 2010 (11:30 AM)
My list from the last two or three months:

Super Mario Galaxy 2
Red Dead Redemption
ModNation Racers
Shin Megami Tensei: Persona

That doesn't count a few games that I'm obligated to review for the site. And my list for the last couple of years? That's much, much longer. If there's no helping you, then what does that say about me?

A comfortable chair is key, though. You should pick one up or something!

espigaUser: espiga
Posted: June 21, 2010 (11:46 AM)
When I'm gaming on a console, I sit on my big, comfy bed, because for some unfathomable reason that irks the female in my life to no end, I keep all the consoles in the bedroom. =D

zippdementiaUser: zippdementia
Posted: June 21, 2010 (12:45 PM)
I'm broke without a job for the summer, at least so far. So... no new games. Thankfully, nothing TOO exciting ever comes out in the summer.

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