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jerec Jerec84

Title: Reviews on the horizon.
Posted: June 24, 2009 (03:11 AM)

seriously though

I have about half a Star Ocean: The Last Hope review done. It's a game of two halves, which makes my review also seem like a review of two halves. Maybe it's okay to play it that way, or maybe I need to work on cohesion.

My other is a more gimmicky fiction type review of Oblivion. It might work. It might not. Won't know until I try.

If either of those two end up happening, I will be mighty pleased with myself and will probably look at writing more reviews.

sashananUser: sashanan
Posted: June 24, 2009 (04:11 AM)
I await with a well measured amount of anxiety.

bloomerUser: bloomer
Posted: June 26, 2009 (09:01 AM)
This post will keep that ad right out of my way..

jerecUser: jerec
Posted: June 30, 2009 (07:11 AM)
As will this post.

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