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jerec Jerec84

Title: I retire... lol
Posted: April 03, 2008 (02:05 PM)
I've probably been technically retired for years now, since I haven't written a single review since about 2005. But in that time I've thought of writing reviews, but nothing has ever come from it. Time to stop trying to force something to happen that simply isn't. Gotta stop thinking about reviews. I might start enjoying video games a bit more. Well, not that I have much time to play video games. This week, total, I've spent about an hour and a half on a game.

P.S. no i'm not judging your tournies.

Felix_ArabiaUser: Felix_Arabia
Posted: April 03, 2008 (02:46 PM)
Man, I never ever EVER thought you would retire since you've soooo much these past few years. In all seriousness, this is not surprising at all. But hey, you did plenty for this community anyway.

drellaUser: drella
Posted: April 07, 2008 (02:02 PM)
"People watch with unshocked eyes;
But the old men know when an old man dies."

jerecUser: jerec
Posted: April 07, 2008 (09:02 PM)
very poetic.

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