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jerec Jerec84

Title: Metroid Prime
Posted: January 21, 2008 (02:04 AM)
I never bothered with this game when it was new. First person games aren't really my thing. But after seeing Metroid Prime 3 in action recently, it looked like a cool game. I don't have a Wii yet, so I decided I'd start at the beginning, if I ever found the game for a good price. $15 AUD at EB Games (for a comparison, new release games are $100, greatest hits are $50).

I played the opening stage, learning the moves and stuff as I went. Yeah, I didn't expect too much from the game's intro. I did enjoy the immersive atmosphere of the game, though. Then... then there was a boss fight. That kicked up the tension a fair bit, circling around and shooting the bastard in the mouth.

Then I have 6 minutes to get out. By a different route. I make my escape, and the clock counts down. The tension is rising as I wonder just how much further I have to go. Then I waste a minute in a room with a ledge I can't jump on. Takes me a moment to realise I have to go back to the other side and grapple-hook it across (I didn't even know I had a grapple-hook until I got to where it wanted me to stand). I keep going, aware that I'm running out of time. I hit the elevator, with 40 seconds left on the clock.

I go through the next few areas, which are thankfully more familiar. But then a door takes a few seconds to open, due to pressurization or something. Come on, come on! I have under 20 seconds left. I go for another door, blast it open and run through. There's the last door! 6 seconds!

Samus ain't moving fast enough. I blast open the door, run through, just as the clock hits 1 second... I hold my breath as a cutscene loads. Did I make it? Samus is on the outside, and the space station explodes. Samus gets back to her ship.

I made it.

Now that was a tense moment, and very early on. I'm liking this game a lot, so far.

honestgamerUser: honestgamer
Posted: January 21, 2008 (04:19 AM)
That's one of those moments in gaming that's difficult to forget. It really was a milestone for the franchise. There are revamps that work and there are those that don't, and it was a relief when Metroid Prime proved to be one of the former.

EmPUser: EmP
Posted: January 21, 2008 (05:07 AM)
Know what that is? That's a REVIEW intro!

SuskieUser: Suskie
Posted: January 21, 2008 (10:26 AM)
Prime would place among my top ten all-time favorite games, and you've just cleared one of its weakest moments. Just wait for the game to really pick up :)

marinerUser: mariner
Posted: January 21, 2008 (12:01 PM)
Don't think of it as an FPS. It's not. They're not my thing either, and this is easily one of my favorite games ever. It has far more in common with Ocarina of Time and Super Metroid than it does Halo or whatever the FPS du jour is...

And if you thought that boss battle kicked the tension up, just wait until you see some of the later ones (it'll take a while though, so stick with it). My first time playing through on the hard difficulty, I ended up beating the second to last boss with my missiles in the single digits and almost no health left (and I was a complete stickler for exploring, so I basically had the maximum in both categories when I started). Not that was tense...

jerecUser: jerec
Posted: January 21, 2008 (03:13 PM)
Heh, I know it's not an FPS, really. But it's still first person. It's usually the perspective that I have trouble with. Can't see my character.

And EmP, that's why I wrote this up now and put it here. I'm tricking myself into writing a review on an installment plan. ^_^

jiggsUser: jiggs
Posted: January 21, 2008 (08:42 PM)
metroid prime does the intro a little better than Super Metroid plus the fact the same opening sequence you play in Super Metroid is pretty short BUT Super Metroid final battle sequence 1 ups Metroid Prime and it is still the pinnacle moment of the series therefore Super Metroid still wins!

Metroid Prime 3 is just as good, if not a little too easy. still it's worth a pick-up.

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