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jerec Jerec84

Posted: June 21, 2010 (06:10 AM)
I keep buying games, yet I have no time to play them. And right now I lack a comfortable chair, so most of my free time is spent out of it.

Games I have that I haven't even played yet:

Alan Wake
The Last Remnant
The Saboteur
Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

Zelda: Spirit Tracks
Advance Wars: Dark Conflict (I bought this 2 years ago!)
Dragon Quest: Hand of the Heavenly Bride

Resistance: Fall of Man (this was a freebie)

There's no helping me. >_<
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Title: What I've been playing.
Posted: June 03, 2010 (04:31 AM)
I wasn't going to buy Red Dead Redemption after GTA IV disappointed and enraged me, but so far this is a superior game. But then, I did like GTA IV at first, too, so I'm purposefully taking my time with this one, not rushing through the missions, and hoping that if I don't over do it, I'll still enjoy it. I don't get much time to play games now, anyway, so my progress is mainly limited to weekends. I loved getting an achievement for placing a tied up woman on the railway tracks and waiting for the train to splatter her blood ever. I think I would have done that without an achievement... because I really am dastardly, and I did the appropriate "Mwahahahahahaha!" as it happened. It did take quite a bit of work, though. First I had to kidnap the girl and get away from my pursuers, who weren't too happy about it. Then I had to find the damn train on my map, and make sure I was in front of where it was going to be.

Then I waited. Totally worth it.

I've also been playing Forza 3 on easy mode, but it might actually be a bit TOO easy. And I never thought I'd say that about a racing game. But damn, I'm enjoying winning each race with a 20 second lead on the guy in second place. It can't just be that my car is good. I mean, damn. And then I decided to zoom around a corner recklessly, and it BREAKED appropriately. So now I just hold the accelerator and steer. Yeah, this is insultingly easy. If not for the fact that I enjoy getting achievements this easily, I'd probably put the difficulty up a notch. Perhaps later. But, the thing is, I always hit a wall in these sorts of games, where it just gets too hard. I've never gotten to all the real race cars. I hope to, this time. Even if I drooled my way in there like a zombie.

Infinite Undiscovery... played the first hour or two, so far. Wish I had more time, but it's slow, feels a bit clunky, and... it's not nearly as mediocre as I thought it'd be. It has some promise.

What I haven't been playing... The Last Remnant. Saw it going cheap, snapped it up, will play it when time permits. Probably not until IU is finished.
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Title: If I review FFXIII, the tagline will be
Posted: April 24, 2010 (09:09 PM)
"Taking the P out of RPG."

Now that the excitement has died down, looking back, it wasn't a great game.
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Posted: March 17, 2010 (04:49 AM)

I don't mind linear games, but this has been a straight path right through. Story is pretty good. I don't hate any of the characters. It's enough to keep me playing.

The ability system is much like FFX's sphere grid, and I liked that one. So I like this one too.

But there's not much else to say about the game. It strips RPGs down to its very core. Battle/Development and Story. No more talking to NPCs. Pretty much every conversation in the game you're meant to have.
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Title: Well, now I have all the consoles from this gen.
Posted: March 04, 2010 (08:37 PM)
Bought a 250GB PS3 with Heavy Rain today.

So, I have a 360, PS3, Wii, PSP and DS... well, no DSi, which is the new thing at the moment. But an old chunky DS is enough for me.
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Title: Okay, ME1 isn't so bad.
Posted: February 12, 2010 (12:59 AM)
Got past the Eden Prime bit and I'm enjoying it again, like I used to. Need to get me some achievements.
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Title: Wow. Mass Effect sucks now.
Posted: February 06, 2010 (07:07 PM)
It was a good game, but Mass Effect 2 has improved on it so much that it's impossible to go back. This game needs a remake. Because it still has a fine story. It just needs ME2's combat.
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Title: Oh, now I can read the Retro section of the site.
Posted: February 02, 2010 (03:43 AM)
Got glasses. My eyes must have been on the way out for quite some time. Lately, it's been getting even harder to read (both books and on the PC). So. Issue solved.

Sorry Venter. Guess it was my vision that was to blame last Team Tournament.
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Posted: January 31, 2010 (02:41 AM)
Empleh16: I found this site that has a good deal on ringtones Click Here
Jerec 84: damn it, emp. stop it
Jerec 84: why am i on your buddy list anyway? you're not on mine
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Posted: January 05, 2010 (06:18 AM)
Emp has some new pics on his profile. Can't see why he'd IM me for the first time ever just to tell me this. Didn't even know I was on his buddy list. He wasn't on mine. >_>

Anyway, it seemed suspicious, and even if it wasn't, I'm not interested in looking at pics of Emp at all. So I ignored it.

Anyone else get one of these? EmP, run a virus check, or be less gay. Your choice.
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Title: The games I played in 2009
Posted: January 01, 2010 (03:58 PM)
Oh this is gonna be tough to remember them all, but...

'Splosion Man - Interesting one button game. I've played a few levels so far, and I find it really fun. But it's one of those games I can only play in small amounts, lest I get overwhelmed by awesome.

Banjo Kazooie (XBLA) - This version is better than the N64 version. I love that notes collected are saved. I've gotten further this time than I ever have before. I will finish this one some time.

Banjo Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts - I haven't played much, yet. I find the game a bit overwhelming. There's so much going on, and it is like a platformer where every quest is a free-form race. I haven't really gotten far enough in yet to do anything major to my vehicle. Perhaps I'll go back to this one soon.

Batman: Arkham Asylum - I don't normally go for these sorts of manly games, but in this case, I'm glad I did. I think it was a perfect blend of exploration and combat (excluding some of the boss fights, especially the last one). I stayed up late at night playing this game, exploring more of the Asylum, collecting Riddler Trophies and finding various Batman references. I still need to finish the game, but the last boss fight is annoying and it kicks my ass with cheapness. I also haven't really looked at the challenge mode yet.

Bejeweled 2 (XBLA) - Fun, but kinda hard. Also, what is up with these achievements? They all look possible, but just difficult and time consuming to get to. I give this game a go from time to time when I don't feel like doing much else. Plugging along through endless mode is kinda fun. There's no pressure.

Blue Dragon - I don't know what it is about this game. I play for an hour or two, then I don't play it again for months. The characters are uninteresting (and it has the one annoying non-human midget character). But it's a solid game, with a solid battle mode, so I should be able to just keep going. I actually find it fun to play. I will finish this eventually.

Braid - Awesome time based puzzle platformer. Who gives a fuck about the story, though?

Crisis Core FF7 - Reviewed.

Dragon Age: Origins (X360) - Now this was a fun game. I played through the game from start to finish in a little over a week, playing whenever I could find the time. And then I played it again straight after. I loved the fantasy setting, and the characters were really well developed. A huge game, but sometimes felt a little empty. Especially in regards to how few places there were to visit. I don't know why, but I kept expecting to get off the continent and explore the rest of the world that had been hinted at, but the game finished before that happened. As big as this game was, it felt like just the tip of the iceberg and it leaves me wanting more.

Fable II - Fun game. Much better than the first one.

Fallout 3 - I spent over 50 hours on this last January. Fallout 3 is one of the most immersive games I've ever played. I can't think of many other games that got the atmosphere so perfect. Fallout 3 is bleak, and the wasteland is so stunningly realised that it takes me there. And it lets me be whoever I want. My character was mostly good, though he did slip a few times into evil. There's the homeless men outside towns who beg for water. I ALWAYS did the merciful thing and put a bullet in their brains as a way to end their suffering. And I get negative karma for that! :P

Guitar Hero & Rock Band Games - I played a bunch. I got into this craze in a big way, buying up the cheap games and playing through the set lists, getting better and better (I've kind of peaked at being really good at Medium, but sucking at Hard). I got sick of the craze for a while, but I got back into it again recently. I now have a drum set, but I suck at that (I sucked at the guitar too, when I first started, so I just need practice). Let's see. Guitar Hero II, III, World Tour, Metallica and Rock Band 1. I keep telling myself I'm done, but these games always manage to hook me back in.

Jade Empire - playing it for the alpha tourney. Kinda meh. For once it's not the review that I'm having trouble with, it's finding the motivation to play the game.

Lego Indiana Jones - Just the first one. I'm playing it because it was dirt cheap (packaged with Kung Fu Panda, which I haven't played yet). I liked Lego Star Wars, and this is more of the same. An easy 1000 achievements, I suppose.

Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga - Got to 100% in this. Easy, fun game. I reviewed it, too.

Lost - Dirt cheap, easy achievements, but I really played this because I became a fan of the show this year. I've watched all 5 seasons of the show in the last couple of months, and now I'm eagerly awaiting season 6. This game was playable, but frustrating, underwhelming and disappointing.

Lost Odyssey - I finished this game a long time ago. I'm just replaying it, trying to get the Treasure Trove achievement. I stop and start with this one.

Perfect Dark Zero - When I traded in a whole bunch of old gaming stuff this year, I managed to get a PSP. I was left with $10 more, so I grabbed Perfect Dark Zero. It's not very fun, and when I trade in LOST, this one is going too. 0/1000 achievements, and no desire to try for anymore.

Puzzle Quest (XBLA) - Not sure how I feel about this...

Sam & Max Seasons 1 and 2 - Great games, if a little easy due to not having that many items. The writing is absolutely hilarious, and I'm looking forward to more.

Secret of Monkey Island SE - Not as good as it could have been. The new interface is functional, but is probably the least favourite of any adventure games I've played. The new graphics look nice, but sometimes they seem very plain. The voice acting is good, but they've just added recorded lines over original text lines, which doesn't work so well. The timing is non-existent, and some characters, like Stan, talk way too slow. The conversation with him is tiring.

Sega Ultimate Collection - I played some of the games on this, but with all my other games, I haven't had much time to devote to this. It was cheap and I don't regret buying it.

Star Ocean: First Departure (PSP) - Fast paced, retro, but updated to play like Star Ocean 2. Good fun.

Star Ocean: The Last Hope - A serious step up from the third game in the series, but still subject to ridicule and hatred. I quite liked it, but I don't take games too seriously anymore, so the meandering story and goofy characters didn't bother me so much. It was compelling enough for me to play it from start to finish, and in RPG terms, that's a good thing.

Tales of Monkey Island - Brilliant.

Tales of Vesperia - is excellent. I reviewed it.

Worms & Worms 2 (XBLA) - Awesome multiplayer.

If I think of anymore games, I'll stealth edit them in. This year was dominated by my 360. I barely played anything on the Wii.
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Title: 7 reviews this year.
Posted: December 29, 2009 (03:02 PM)
5 short of my goal of one review a month. None of these 7 reviews were anything special. A couple of them got runner up in RotW, but mostly they were lazy, uninspired efforts... written so quickly that my mental block didn't even have time to shut it down.

I wonder if people expect too much of me as a reviewer. I can remember a lot of praise about being great, but I don't think I ever really was. I had written occasionally great reviews... but I was always eclipsed by better reviewers who wrote much more, and were always consistently better.

I have one review owing, for Jade Empire, which I might or might not finish depending on whether I can actually be bothered playing the game. I'm finding it really hard to play older games now. Back in the PS2 days, I had no problem playing N64 and PS1 games. But now that I've been playing the 360, I find it difficult to go back to stuff in the PS2/Xbox generation (and the even older stuff I find harder, which is why I sold my SNES, and about three quarters of my N64 collection).

Still. Jade Empire is not a bad game. It's just underwhelming. I think I would have liked this more in 2005/2006 after I'd been playing the KotOR games. I tried to play KotOR recently, and found the graphics blurry, the control clunky, and the battle system incredibly lame. I wonder if it was always like that... I know I loved the game at the time, but it has not aged well.

This makes me want to revise my review, or remove it completely. In fact, I do kind of want to take down my reviews and disappear completely.

Leave nothing but a memory.

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Title: Christmas loot
Posted: December 25, 2009 (02:42 PM)
New phone, which I really, really needed. Nokia E63.

My Grandmother paid for the compulsory insurance for my car (about $345) which was really nice.

I also got about $60 in cash.

I'm 25 now, and this Christmas has been about needs rather than wants. But that's fine with me. I also got my new phone about a month back.
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Title: Unexpected review.
Posted: December 14, 2009 (10:32 PM)
I just sorta opened the submission box and started typing. Seems I had a fair bit to say about LOST: Via Domus. I actually wanted to score it a bit higher, but it's not a game I could recommend to people.
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Title: Jade Empire - Day 1
Posted: December 02, 2009 (03:18 AM)
So it begins. I picked the first choice for character, a busty chick in red. That'll do for me. Combat system is different to what I was expecting for this type of game, and it might take some getting used to, but I'm sure I will in time.

I like the simplified version of the stats. Story-wise, nothing special has happened yet. The Master was going to tell me stuff but we were interrupted by bandits. I fought them off, and that's as far as I went today. I talked to Dawn Star a bit.

I also suspect this annoying fellow, I forget his name "The Lesser" is going to be a major pain in my ass. It would actually be a brilliant subversion if he wasn't!

So far the game looks promising.

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