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icehawk Suggestion: Turn back now. This blog BLOWS.

Title: The art of the intro... #8 and #7.
Posted: March 06, 2007 (05:15 PM)
The most fun aspect of reviewing for me is writing the intro. Writing the actual body of the review can get a bit boring, and it's often frustrating trying to figure out little jokes and such to keep it interesting. But with the intro, you have all the freedom in the world. The weirder the better.

So, out of curiosity. What is your guys thought process while creating an intro?

Mine is rather simple. First I try and think of what stands out aboout the game the most. Next, I try and think of something that somehow ties to it, like a metaphor or something. Today I was randomly thinking of how I'd approach my Crackdown review. I decided that the jumping and the freedom that it gives you is what stands out the most. I want to start the review off with some sort of quote about freedom, maybe from MLK, then go on some sort of speech-esque rant about how I was never truly free until I played crackdown. I think it'll be fun!

Gaming Progress: Making this XBLA list has really gotten me back into playing XBLA games. I spent like 2-3 hours just playing random arcade games today, it was great fun. Crackdown is ridiculously short. I can't believe I'm going to be basically all down with a sandbox game in just a 5-day rental period. Ahh well.
#8: Assault Heroes
This one is quite odd. A verical shooter... that takes place in go-kart things. The game has quite a bit of depth, you have 3 very different weapons, a flamethrower, autocannon, and machine gun, as well as grenades and an option to nuke the whole area. Each of the 3 main weapons can be upgraded 3 levels, so it's quite fun upgrading and blowing everything up to hell. A few of the bosses are pretty fun, and going through the level blowing everything up can be hectic and fun. There's also some co-op, which adds for extra carnage. However, a lot of the time when I'm playing, I'm in a daze, like I just can't REALLY get into the game. It just feels empty at times for some reason. I can't figure out why, but overall, it's a really well-designed game that I don't always have as much fun as I could with.

#7: Doom

KNOW YOUR ROOTS lolol. Anyway, as weird as it is not being able to aim up or down, Doom can just be flat out fun at times. I don't know what it is, but after that gun goes up after firing, and I see my foe fall to the ground in a pool of its own blood, I just feel incredibly satisfied. It's weird. The only real problems with the game, are more time issues than anything. Incredibly boring levels and enemy design definitely makes things kinda lame at times, but overall, it's quite fun. It's a shame no one plays it multiplayer anymore, or it could be even better.
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Title: #10 and #9 XBLA titles
Posted: March 05, 2007 (09:44 PM)
#10 XBLA game: Marble Blast Ultra:
Marble Blast Ultra was a pretty big hit for a while. You are a marble, and you traverse your way across stages with various obstacles to pick up the umm pick ups, I forget what they are called. Basically, the game is sorta of like Super Monkey Ball, except you control the marble and not the stage. Personally, I think the controls are a bit off, and a lot of these stages are pretty damn hard, and I never felt accomplished or anything when I finally did beat whatever it was I was trying to beat, just relieved.

But like I said, this game was a pretty big hit for a while, this was mostly thanks to it having one of the more competetive multiplayer games. It was simple, little things that gave you points appear on the map, and everyone rolls towards them to get them. However, a lot of these stages are filled with narrow passageways, and lots of stuff that make reaching the goal a pain. This really sucks in a fast paced game where you are constantly bumping into people, it got really lame sometimes. Basically, it was a bad impulse buy to do what everyone else was doing >_>.

#9: Uno
Uno is... Uno. It was a great 5 dollar buy, which has provided me with some relaxing fun with friends on occassion. However, it's mainly held back by the fact that it is just a card game. Usually I'm not in the mood for card games when I'm on my 360, I want BOOM BOOM BOOM (or if I'm playing a RPG, WALL OF TEXT, WALL OF TEXT). So, for a lot of casual gamers, I see this being a really great time, for me, it's just occasional fun. Nothing better than the "real" games I have above it.

Review Progress: I'm getting pretty far into Crackdown. I'm returning the game Thursday. SO hopefully I can get a review done before the next RotW. I also am considering doing something on Alien Hominid, though I doubt I could do anything amazing with it.
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Title: A ranking of my XBLA games... #12 and #11
Posted: March 04, 2007 (05:49 PM)
XBLA is easily just about the best ting to happen this gen. Fun, easy to pick up games, at your disposal 24/7. Indie developers finally have a chance to showcase their stuff. Really just awesome. So, yeah I'm going to rank all 12 that I own. If a game isn't on the list, I probably didn't like the demo all that much.

With that, here are the games I don't own, but kinda liked the demos for. Honorable mentions if you will.

Wik: Fable of Souls- A reasonably lengthy demo, which gave me a good taste for the game. I kinda enjoyed it, but I just wasn't feeling a purchase.

Heavy Weapon- Feels like this old school game I can't recall right now. It's reasonably fun, but I had too big of a XBLA backlog anyway, so, I did not purchase it.

#12: Hexic HD
This one is free, which is nice, but that's about all I like about it. It's made by the maker of Tetris apparently, but he doesn't have his same magic here. I like my puzzle games to be exciting, or kind of brain bending (see, Jewel Quest and Zuma). This one os neither. Half the time I just felt like I was looking for random colors, and didn't have any real strategy. And the only mode that might offer some excitement, the timed mode, never really grabbed me. Most people seem to love this game... but I just never got into it.

#11- Smash TV
With the success of Geometry Wars, developers seemed desperate to make a quick buck on the "move with one joystick, shoot with the other" formula. One of th egame sthat came out to capitalize on this was Smash TV. It is basically a more modern Robotron. It came out to rave reviews, and the demo was kinda fun, so I bought it. This is another one I could just never get into though. The game throws a lot of enemies at you, yet, I never quite felt excited by the game. Maybe I'm totally spoiled by Geometry Wars, but it seems like every other game like it just falls flat for me, including Smash TV.

Review Progress: Not currently working on anything. My next review will probably be on Crackdown, once I finish it (really not a long game).
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