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iamtheprodigy Hi there. I write reviews. Incredibly rarely. Thanks, and good day.

Title: DS!!!
Posted: September 06, 2007 (07:24 PM)
My DS arrived today along with my copy of Brain Age 2. I'm so excited. I can't wait until I can start buying a bunch of games for this baby... I haven't actually bought a new system in quite some time so this is a big deal for me. :)

BenUser: Ben
Posted: September 07, 2007 (08:20 AM)
Enjoy your DS. Make sure you get New Super Mario Bros.

iamtheprodigyUser: iamtheprodigy
Posted: September 07, 2007 (08:32 AM)
Oh I plan on it. I played it at a cousin's house and got hooked.

espigaUser: espiga
Posted: September 07, 2007 (09:35 PM)
Congrats on the DS. No congrats on BrainAge, but whatever. There's a lot of great games out there. =D

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