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iamtheprodigy Hi there. I write reviews. Incredibly rarely. Thanks, and good day.

Title: More reviews!
Posted: August 12, 2007 (01:59 PM)
I'm on fire and I'm churning out as many of these babies as I can before I leave for band camp tomorrow and then vacation after that. Just hope that they're decent quality. Once again let me know what you guys think and give me advice. I love to hear critiques as I really want to improve. Anyway, here they are (check out screens for some of them too): Tetris DX, Bank Panic, and Dizzy the Adventurer. Enjoy.

Also, I'm experimenting with my blog colors and stuff too, does it look stupid?

GenjUser: Genj
Posted: August 12, 2007 (06:00 PM)
More reviews: cool yo.

Blog colors: Makes me think of Winterfresh gum.

Felix_ArabiaUser: Felix_Arabia
Posted: August 12, 2007 (06:05 PM)
I like the colors.

espigaUser: espiga
Posted: August 12, 2007 (06:24 PM)
It's a blistering 98.6 degrees... INSIDE YOUR MOUTH

wayne_steedUser: wayne_steed
Posted: August 16, 2007 (05:39 PM)
Human Tetris is hilarious! So is special cheese! And peeping-Tom midgets!

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