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honestgamer It's not all an elaborate ruse, some misguided attempt to establish for myself an online persona of dubious quality. I really am dull. If you don't find that unbearable, though, this is my blog that examines just how truly boring I can be.

Posted: September 08, 2006 (10:26 PM)
So, I bought some music tonight. I do that once in awhile. I shall now post it so that you can all laugh at me. I'm sure everyone will laugh at at least one of the things I got, as people are prone to do when they've not listened to the music in question.

Rob Zombie (Hellbilly Deluxe)
Gary Allan (Tough All Over)
Switchfoot (The Early Years: 1997-2000)
Paris Hilton (Paris)

I really like the song "Dragula" by Rob Zombie, and I've heard and liked a few of his other songs, so I figured it was high time I actually bought a Rob Zombie disc.

Gary Allan has been putting out good country music for a long time now, with a voice that sounds like it would work fantastic in any sort of music. His newest album has enough 'must-have' songs that I couldn't hold off any longer.

Switchfoot has been getting praise and putting out music for awhile, and I heard and liked one of their songs on Rockstar, that show on CBS. So I figured it was time to give them a chance. Three discs for the price of one seems hard to beat.

And then there's Paris Hilton. I heard her songs on AOL and I liked them, so whatever. I realize it's not cool to like Paris Hilton stuff, but I listen to what I like and I like a fairly wide variety of music. So there...


Okay, you can laugh. I don't mind. Too much. As if that would stop you, anyway...

GenjUser: Genj
Posted: September 08, 2006 (11:16 PM)
You actually spent money on Paris? If you wanted female fronted pop music, you should have gone with Loose since it's basically the same stuff but with Timbaland's fairly good production.

But at least you didn't buy the new Bob Dylan album. It sucks big time. Sportsman's 6 was really generous for such boring crap. Listening to Modern Times stirs not even a single emotion in me.

janusUser: janus
Posted: September 09, 2006 (03:21 AM)
I agree with genj. 6 minute long folk/blues rock songs about nothing don't cut it any more.

HalonUser: Halon
Posted: September 09, 2006 (09:01 AM)
The reason I think Modern Times isn't so bad is because I'm a Bob Dylan fan. It wasn't bad, but compared to his stuff he put out 40 years ago he sounds washed up and tired. He's made more exciting stuff in his career, which is no surprise since he's almost 70 years old. It's definitely not the 8/10 - 9/10 that everyone is giving it (probably in the 5-6 range), but it's not horrible, either.

Loose was a pretty generic pop album but it's probably much better than the Paris Hilton one. I also hear the Christina Aguilera album is actually worth listening too also.

goldenvortexUser: goldenvortex
Posted: September 21, 2006 (08:14 AM)
Noo! Why are we discussing pop music? Nooo!

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