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honestgamer It's not all an elaborate ruse, some misguided attempt to establish for myself an online persona of dubious quality. I really am dull. If you don't find that unbearable, though, this is my blog that examines just how truly boring I can be.

Title: G.I. Joe rocks and my hand does not.
Posted: January 10, 2010 (01:00 AM)
My wife finally watched G.I. Joe on Blu-Ray tonight, which I had bought some time ago. Watching most of it with her from about 20 minutes in or so, I was reminded of how entertaining a spectacle it is. I'm definitely still looking forward to the sequel.

Typing this up, I'm reminded that my right hand hurts when I type. So if you don't see me posting a lot or on AIM much for the next few days, that's probably why. That or I hate you. One of the two. :-D

WilltheGreatUser: WilltheGreat
Posted: January 10, 2010 (02:14 PM)
Am I the only one who chuckled at the title here?

honestgamerUser: honestgamer
Posted: January 10, 2010 (03:53 PM)
My hand and I are getting along much better now, so hopefully that continues. I still plan to take things relatively easy for the next 24 hours or so, though I'll have to put it to work here in a bit for my day job.

In other news, (500) Days of Summer is an excellent movie and I recommend it to you all.

yamishuryouUser: yamishuryou
Posted: January 11, 2010 (10:24 PM)

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