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honestgamer It's not all an elaborate ruse, some misguided attempt to establish for myself an online persona of dubious quality. I really am dull. If you don't find that unbearable, though, this is my blog that examines just how truly boring I can be.

Title: Sufjan Stevens
Posted: February 03, 2006 (11:59 PM)
I'd been hearing about Sufjan Stevens from Genj, and tonight I decided it was time to check out his stuff on iTunes. I assumed there would be some of his stuff available, and I was right.

After listening to it, I've decided that Genj is not insane. Or at least, he's not so insane as I once thought. In fact, I've now ordered the album from Barnes & Noble because it seems like the sort of thing I'd like to listen to while writing or whatever. Really pretty stuff with interesting lyrics and nice melodies. I can't wait for it to show up so I can listen through the whole thing.

This is probably going to tick off Genj, but he reminds me of a male version of Tori Amos (who I also like). Anyway, that's my one post about music for the year...

janusUser: janus
Posted: February 04, 2006 (03:02 AM)
A male version of Tori Amos?! That's no way to convince the doubters!

GenjUser: Genj
Posted: February 04, 2006 (06:53 AM)
Tori Amos sucks.

EDIT - I thought you wrote "Or at least, he's not in Keane as I once thought."

bluberryUser: bluberry
Posted: February 04, 2006 (08:33 AM)
Tori Amos sort of sucks, and Slayer really suck, but she gets bonus points for covering Raining Blood. All talentlessness aside that's just awesome, more pop queens need to cover metal songs.

TrueUser: True
Posted: February 08, 2006 (03:14 PM)
*Laughs.* I agree with Blue. Lisa Loeb does a good cover of Ozzy's "So Tired." Not really the same thing... but I'd still love to hear Jewel sing Suffocate by Motograter. That would be a good one.

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