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honestgamer It's not all an elaborate ruse, some misguided attempt to establish for myself an online persona of dubious quality. I really am dull. If you don't find that unbearable, though, this is my blog that examines just how truly boring I can be.

Title: Devil May Cry 4
Posted: January 17, 2008 (11:53 PM)
Some advertising network thought I should put this on my site and/or blog and after checking it out I agreed. It's too big for the main site, but I thought I'd see if it fits well in my blog and if it interests any of you.

Basically, the way this is supposed to work is that people get the word out on the site by posting the above object wherever they can that their viewers will see it. Then whoever gets the most hits gets a nice TV and such. The runners up get copies of the game and so forth. I am just trying it to see how it works out, knowing that I stand no chance at winning. Frankly, half the reason I'm posting it at all is that I know a lot of you like Devil May Cry. I do, certainly! So we'll see how this goes.

LegacyGamingUser: LegacyGaming
Posted: January 18, 2008 (07:27 PM)
i like the display and the idea, not to mention the series. Just hope 4 is worth the hype, games have held strong so far.

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