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honestgamer It's not all an elaborate ruse, some misguided attempt to establish for myself an online persona of dubious quality. I really am dull. If you don't find that unbearable, though, this is my blog that examines just how truly boring I can be.

Title: Of Cranberries and Assassins
Posted: November 20, 2007 (02:12 PM)
I had a song stuck in my head today and it wouldn't go away. Fortunately, I own the CD, so I was able to listen to it and that has helped quite a bit.

In other news, I stayed up until almost 6 this morning finishing Assassin's Creed. The plan is to post a review for it on Thanksgiving. It's a good game, by the way, but it definitely has a few flaws the detract from how awesome it winds up being.

SuskieUser: Suskie
Posted: November 20, 2007 (10:59 PM)
Assassin's Creed = Prince of Persia Jerusalem

Felix_ArabiaUser: Felix_Arabia
Posted: November 20, 2007 (11:04 PM)
I wonder how much of that game is unlike the actual Crusades? I'm thinking quite a lot.

nashUser: nash
Posted: November 21, 2007 (02:39 AM)
Bad memories of listening to The Cranberries. I had 2 of their CDs. :C

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