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honestgamer It's not all an elaborate ruse, some misguided attempt to establish for myself an online persona of dubious quality. I really am dull. If you don't find that unbearable, though, this is my blog that examines just how truly boring I can be.

Title: Fall Out Boy on Xbox Live
Posted: October 10, 2007 (12:53 AM)
According to Kotaku, Fall Out Boy will be signed into Xbox Live this Friday from 4 to 6PM, EST. They'll be schooling everyone at Halo 3, apparently. If you'd like to get your butt kicked (or maybe something else done to it) by Fall Out Boy, Friday is your day!

This important announcement was sponsored by the letter 'H.'

GenjUser: Genj
Posted: October 10, 2007 (10:11 AM)
Now the question is whether they'll be flooded with fat nerdy chicks professing their love for Patrick Stump & Pete Wentz or Internet nerds that will continually call them faggots.

Incidentally I look forward to the day when I can face Neil Young in Virtua Fighter 5 over Xbox Live.

iamtheprodigyUser: iamtheprodigy
Posted: October 10, 2007 (03:34 PM)
If you'd like to get your butt kicked (or maybe something else done to it)

This line single-handedly saved this from being the waste-of-time-iest thing I've read this week.

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